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FKA Twigs’ new music video ‘Sad Day’ showcases her sword fighting skills


Is there anything she can't do?

Singer-songwriter FKA Twigs has released her latest music video titled Sad Day which has further proved that there isn't much the multi-disciplinary artist can't do once she's put her mind to it.

The song itself features in her second album Magdalene - which was released in 2019.  The music video features Twigs walking towards a man (played by Teake, a tantric monk and air nomand Twigs found on Instagram) sitting in the corner seat of a late-night cafe. When she moves closer to him, her body distorts and she pulls a sword from behind her back, igniting a choreographed fight scene in which both Teake and Twigs both float gracefully through the air mid-fight, giving off some heavy 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' energy.

The clip was created in collaboration with director Hiro Murai, whose last music video produced was Childish Gambino's This is America, where a similar style of mechanical yet fluid choreography can be recognised. The singer explains the video was inspired by "finding magic in the city I've lived in for over ten years" and was partly grounded in a  lyric from another Magdalene track, Home With You, where she muses that she's "never seen a hero like me in a sci-fi".

The clip is, in addition, allegedly the result of Twigs' three years of training in the art of Wushu- a style of Chinese martial art - wherein she does her own stunts and has named her sword Lilith. If you're a loyal follower of the musician, you might recognise some of her sword fighting moves from previous on-stage performances of Magdalene. “Everything I’ve previously done with my body, all the training and dancing, has led to this point,” Twigs says in a press release, referring to Sad Day.

Watch the short film, below.


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