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No, this is not a drill: Paul Mescal and Josh O’Connor are set to star opposite each other in an upcoming WWI romance

The History of Sound

Surprise, surprise. Two of the world's favourite soft-bois of television have struck again. Following Paul Mescal and Josh O'Connor's brilliant performances in Normal People and The Crown respectively, it's understandable if these two European dreamboats have you wrapped around their fingers. We certainly are. While we were aware of Mescal's involvement in the upcoming film The Lost Daughter, and Connor's appearance alongside Olivia Coleman in the book adaptationMothering Sunday; what we weren't expecting was their worlds to collide. As it turns out, this unexpected duo are set to combine their talents; starring in the upcoming feature film, The History of Sound.

Based on Ben Shattuck’s 2108 award-winning story, the film follows two men, Lionel (Mescal) and David (O’Connor) who set out to record the lives, voices and music of the men fighting during World War I – throughout the process, building a connection that brings an element of romance into the mix.

As you can imagine, we're more than thrilled to see these two take to the screen. Below, we're sharing everything we know about the film so far.

What is The History of Sound about?

As we've mentioned, the short story follows Lionel and David during WWI, who set out on a mission to record the voices and music of American countrymen, also catching insights into their lives and the changes both characters experience during their journey.

Who will star in The History of Sound?

So far, it has only been confirmed that Mescal and O'Connor will be starring in the upcoming film. Director Oliver Hermanus is thrilled to have the two actors on board, sharing in an interview; “Paul and Josh are two of the most promising actors of their generation who will share with us deeply soulful performances."

"This is an unexpected love story that needs to be told — it is a journey through the life of America, across the 20th century and the traditions of American folk music, all seen through the bond between two men immersed in the history of sound. This undeniably powerful story will certainly resonate with audiences the world over.”

The History of Sound is rumoured to begin filming next winter; stay tuned for more details to come.


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