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The ‘French Exit’ trailer makes us all want to be Michelle Pfeiffer in an unexpected way

french exit

There is a new film on the horizon that is generating a significant amount of Oscar buzz titled, French Exit. The film stars Michelle Pfeiffer looking as glamorous and flawless as ever, with Lucas Hedges starring alongside.

Pfeiffer plays a chic, wealthy widow who is rapidly running out of the money she needs to fund her elaborate lifestyle. Hedges plays her son, who is so close with his mother that he is mistaken as a gigolo. As Pfeiffer comes to face the harsh reality that her husbands fortune is running out, she takes up the offer of a friend to move from New York to Paris to salvage what's left. Along with her son, and her cat (which will be voiced by Tracy Letts), who is an inadvertent embodiment of her long-dead partner, the heiress plans to live out her days.

Apparently, her bond with the cat is integral to the story, and the pair keep an unusually close relationship, as does Hedges as Pfeiffer's son. Overall, the film looks witty, dry, dark, and everything else we love about breathy Pfeiffer and her flawless ways. Even from the looks of the trailer, I immediately want to be a wealthy widow living out the rest of her days with her cat in Paris. Don't you?

With Hedges by her side, who has played many-a-doting son roles recently, fits seamlessly into his part, likely playing off his previous characters in this year’s Let Them All Talk, where Hedges plays the doting son of Meryl Streep's strung out author character, as he accompanies her on a cruise to amend past relationships that she has broken.

Azazel Jacobs is directing the film alongside Patrick deWitt penning the script, which will be adapted from his very own best-selling book of the same name. The film is said to release on February 21, 2021. watch the trailer, below.

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