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Tilda Swinton performs a double act in the new A24 ghost tale ‘The Eternal Daughter’

The Eternal Daughter trailer

A24 has sought out the spooky powers of Tilda Swinton for its latest ghost tale, The Eternal Daughter. After first debuting at Venice Film Festival 2022, where Swinton joined the house of Chanel as its ambassador, the film has finally dropped a full length trailer. We're bringing you your first look at the movie and all the rest of the details, below.

What is The Eternal Daughter about?

Tilda Swinton performs a double act, wearing the hat of both daughter and mother in this forthcoming film. It's a continuation of the story director Joanna Hogg began in The Souvenir and The Souvenir: Part II, both of which followed artist Julie Hart. Curiously, it was Swinton's daughter Honour Swinton Byrne who first portrayed Julie Hart, albeit a younger version, meanwhile Tilda Swinton played Julie Hart's mother Rosalind. For The Eternal Daughter, Tilda Swinton will play Julie Hart all grown up, while doubling once more as her mother Rosalind. Keeping up?

According to the logline for The Eternal Daughter, A24 describes the film as an "exploration of parental relationships and the things we leave behind," and will follow Julie as she returns with her mother Rosalind to an old family home, that has been converted into a hotel and as the film gradually reveals, is haunted.

At Venice Film Festival, Tilda Swinton told Chanel that although the film has been billed as a ghost story, "some people might find it a horror" depending on "what your relationship with your mother is".

Who else is involved?

Helming the ship is British director Joanna Hogg, who, as mentioned, previously delivered The Souvenir and The Souvenir: Part II. Tilda Swinton will be joined by fellow actors Carly-Sophia Davies, Zinnia Davies-Cooke and Joseph Mydell.

Is there a release date?

Although A24 hasn't specified a release date in Australia, we know that it will drop in theatres across the US on December 2.


Settle in for the trailer for The Eternal Daughter, below.

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