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Everything we know about the new regency-meets-true-crime Netflix series, ‘The Empress’

The Empress Netflix

If there's one thing streaming platform Netflix has under control, it's feeding our insatiable appetite for Regency-era drama and true crime. While previously, we've had to enjoy the two genres in their respective spaces, the streaming platform has shown that it can truly do the absolute most; bringing us a new series where these worlds collide. Enter the forthcoming monarchic Netflix series, The Empress.

Although we'll never grow tired of reading Lady Whistledown's latest announcement, or watching Kristen Stewart transform in the beloved Princess Diana; it's a known fact that the happenings of British royalty simply do not compare to that of the Habsburg family. Sure, the name might not be as familiar as the Windsors; but with one quick Google search, you'll find that these Austrian royals are the true thought-leaders in sartorial decadence and emotional turmoil.

The series will follow the tale of Elisabeth "Sissi" of Austria; who was the longest reigning Empress in the country’s history. In addition to the trials and tribulations reserved for royal life, The Empress will also touch on personal turmoil; including an infamous murder-suicide that rocked the Habsburg family.

If this alone has already got you hooked, keep reading for everything we know so far about the new Netflix series, The Empress.


What is the plot of The Empress?

The Empress looks at the life of Elisabeth of Austria, (or Sissi as she was affectionately known). From her time on the throne to the challenges within her personal life; her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph I, saw her life turned upside down. The difficulties of a strained relationship, the horrific death of one of her children and a trying relationship with her mother-in-law, plagued her royal life.

According to Netflix, the official synopsis for The Empress reads; "Elisabeth is told as a young woman ahead of her time, rebelling against the rigid rules of the 19th century and the court. She meets Franz, a multi-layered ruler with fractures who played a major role in shaping modern European history".

"Against the backdrop of jealousy, intrigue and power struggles behind the scenes of the Habsburg court—and the emerging question of freedom of the people—the audience is taken into a glittering illusory world, in which a young Sissi must fight for her place at court, as well as the right to be the figurehead of an ailing empire."


Is there a trailer for The Empress yet?

With The Empress still in the early filming stages, Netflix is yet to release a trailer for the intriguing series. While we can't predict anything with certainty, we can probably expect to see an official trailer later this year.


Who will star in The Empress?

As most of the details surrounding The Empress are still under the radar; we are yet to find out which of our favourite actors will helm the series. The tale of the Habsburg family has been told quite famously before – in the 1955 German-language film, Sissi. For this highly-acclaimed film, the ethereal Romy Schneider led the cast as the empress herself; with Karlheinz Böhm as her husband Franz. If the stellar cast of Sissi is anything to go by, Netflix will certainly not disappoint with The Empress.


When with The Empress hit our Netflix screens?

If all this excitement has you eager to add The Empress to your watchlist sooner, rather than later; we regret to inform you that you will have to wait a little longer. As the series has only just begun filming, it probably won't hit our screens until 2022. Netflix, if you're reading this, it's not too late to speed up the process.

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