Your Taurus horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

taurus horoscopes 2022

Taurus, you have two eclipses in your sign this year, marking a time of renewal and new energy for your beautiful archetype. Take this year to survey your relationship to all that you value, starting with yourself. Allow yourself to see the beauty and growth and potentials that lay on the outskirts of your current peripheral vision and well, comfort zone. The New Moon on the 30th April will be a partial Solar Eclipse and your Full Moon on 8th November will be a Lunar Eclipse. Mark both of these in your diary and when they roll around, pause, get intentional and speak forth (in the mirror) what you want to call more of into your life and/or release.

The eclipses work to your benefit as the North Node, the newer energies, are moving in your direction. Certainly, part of what will arise is how you limit yourself (or don’t) based on the health of your comfort zone. Do you ignore your fears or become curious and intrigued by them? Are you pushing through discomfort into new layers of self? Growth doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, certainly, a large part of it happens in the unknown and yet, you can do it in your style and at your own pace.

Remember, you set the parameters. The eclipses are checking in here to ensure that those parameters aren’t getting in the way of life’s juicy mysteries.
You can hold yourself through your growth periods by remaining embodied and tethered to the rituals that sink you into feelings of safety.

Your year starts with Venus, your ruler, in retrograde through your fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, from 19th December 2021 – 29th January 2022. This is a valuable time to assess the meaning and beliefs that you apply to your work and purpose. What values have you assigned to these roles and how do they sit with you upon reflection? Are they your values or inherited ones? Do they need an upgrade or some room for experimentation? You have a lot of creator energy, your tastes and tactile ability to use the material world and make something beautiful of it doesn’t always need a neat and profitable result. You can also simply play and enjoy the fruits and bounty of being alive in the here and now. Your worth needn’t be tied to your productivity and results. Your worth simply exists because you do.

Mercury will retrograde through Gemini during your season, starting on May 10th and ending with Mercury in Taurus on June 3rd, combine this with the New and Full Moon (end eclipses) in your season and it makes for a busy birthday month. Play with it. If you find you are quite rigid in some areas, allow yourself to loosen. If you find you are all pleasure and play, tap into your practical and sustaining side. You have the capacity to show the rest of us the simple art of living.


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