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The Tamagotchi revival starts now with the new Tamagotchi Smartwatch

tamagotchi smartwatch

Oh how simple it all was. Before the stress of keeping our Nintendogs afloat, we had the Tamagotchi. The egg-shaped digital pet on a keychain that required a bizarre amount of attention. While keeping our Tamagotchi's alive was indeed a far easier task than keeping ourselves alive in the harsh tundra that is modern adult life, we can all agree that it still felt like a great responsibility at the fervent young age of 10.

For those just trying to claw their way back to the time where disciplining your Tama was the most stressful part of a day, rejoice with the news that gaming brand Bandai Namco has now upgraded the digital pet gadget in smartwatch form to celebrate its 25 year anniversary of the little on-screen critters. A modern-day dream!

Dubbed the Tamagotchi Smart, the new smartwatch device is a huge upgrade from the charming pixelated versions of the past. Switching out a keychain for a watch band the new device features voice recognition and a touch screen, the Tamagotchi Smart has launched in mint green and pale pink colorways.


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Adorably, the touch screen feature allows you to pet your characters, while voice recognition lets you talk to them. Original functions such as the pedometer will still be available. Alongside the new functions, the Tamagotchi Smart comes with brand new characters, with the option to purchase Bandai's “TamaSma” cards with exclusive pets.

Take a look at the new gadget above. The Tamagotchi Smart will release in Japan this November for all those dying to get their hands on one. Anything to relieve the reality of grown-up life, huh? Will you be taking part in the wearable pet phase? One that Doja Cat famously called "a headache".

Watch the launch video, below.


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