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Step inside Australia’s first Trudon flagship store

There's something special about a Cire Trudon candle. The intoxicating scents, the heavy, glass canisters and the elegant presentation all make for a true object of desire. Of course, it's no surprise that Trudon has managed to create the perfect home fragrances, the brand is actually the world's oldest candlemaker currently still in production. So, it's had plenty of time to practice.



If you love the ensnaring and serene olfactory journey of a Cire Trudon creation, then allow me to inform you candlemaker has launched its first Australian store. Placed in the heart of Sydney's Paddington at The Intersection on Glenmore Road.

This elegant concept store was designed by renowned French architect Fabrizio Casiraghi. It marries wood features with brass and blue tones in a nod back to the European boutiques of the 1950s. A sensory delight, walking inside evokes a sense of mystique. It is a place to discover the fragrances with a nearly 400 year old history.



For the first time, Australians will have access to exclusive products. Of course, all the classic and most cherished Trudon iterations will be available but there will be Australian only lines including the Sedar Gulgan Brass and Silver collection, Taper Candle collection, Royale Candle collection, Pillar Candle collection and Olim EDP.



Trudon was first founded in 1643 by grocer and candlemaker Monsieur Claude Trudon who's inspired method of harvest and sun drying wax created brilliantly white candles. The brand was made popular during the time of Louis XIV, when the courtiers of Versailles were seduced by Trudon candles. The logo we know today was developed in 1762 with Latin phrase ‘Deo Regique Laborant’ translating to ‘they work for God and for the King’ - with ‘they’ being the bees, in reference to the the source of the candlemaker's wax. Years later Trudon's reputation grew and grew. It became so elite that the gift that emperor Napoléon Bonaparte received upon the birth of his son was a ceremonial Trudon candle.



The House of Trudon was revived in 2007 with the name Cire Trudon, but to this day each candle is still made by hand in Normandy, to preserve the skill and craftsmanship of Claude Trudon.

Discover the story and heritage of Trudon in now in Paddington, nearby the Santa Maria Novella store. The store is open seven days a week at The Intersection, Shop 12, 2-16 Glenmore Road, Paddington NSW 2021


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