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For your winter 2021 hibernation: RUSSH round up our favourite candles for the cooler months


I have always been one to be quite particular about scents. There is nothing more invasive than a fragrance much too overpowering or a parfum that smells a touch too synthetic. However, I still wonder about the comforting connection to nature in lighting an ember, as sometimes there's nothing that feels more safe and reassuring than burning something in the home. In Eastern traditions, coming into the cooler months is often seen as a time for grounding and hibernation. Time for slowing down, time for deep reflection and time for nurturing rest.

In the Spring and the Summer, it is expected to crave scents that are uplifting, vivacious and energising. Florals, grass and higher notes of citrus however, for the times where we look to slow down - we find ourselves attracted to the warming and grounding scents of nostalgia; wood fires, smoke, tobacco, vanilla and earth. Below, to prepare you for the coming months of rest, RUSSH round up a few of our favourite candles to help you stay warm and bring you solace for the cold ahead.



Diptyque Feu De Bois Candle

Feu De Bois


A number one favourite as there are not many that can match the perfectly subtle woody scent of Diptyque's original Feu De Bois. A candle in their range made specific for wintery nights; sweet, earthy and woody - a perfect one to light that won't empower your whole home.



Byredo Treehouse Candle



A newcomer to the list but Byredo's Treehouse is another favourite. The perfect mix of wood, sandalwood and leather with grassier notes of pimento, bamboo and cedar - a nice companion to burn to scent up your home in fresh foliage.



Malin + Goetz Leather Candle

Malin + Goetz


Nice and masculine, Malin + Goetz are quickly becoming renown for the unusual, that somehow all seems to come and work together. Composed of natural beeswax and dubbed cruelty free, Leather by Malin + Goetz emits pleasant notes of pepper, clove and leather with a hint of orchid that yet again, quite subtly burns throughout the space in a non-invasive or synthetic manner.



Le Labo Palo Santo 14 Candle

Le Labo


It wouldn't be candle round up with of course, New York native Le Labo. Le Labo have done the courtesy of perfectly rounding up the scent of your favourite scent stick, Palo Santo, now into a soy wax based candle hand poured in the USA. Often, with any kind of imitation, there is much room for disaster but having been tried and tested by RUSSH editors, we can assure you this is one of the best.



D.S & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle

DS Durga

A current favourite burn and another New Yorker, D.S & Durga Portable Fireplace smells just like its name boasts. More on the subtle side, which we all love and prefer, the scent is both woody and smokey with top notes of cedar and sweet pinewood, making it palatable for small spaces and homes.



Diptyque Eucalyptus Candle



Perhaps maybe a little bias as Eucalyptus happens to fall under as a favourite scent, but parfumerie Maison Diptyque has encapsulated the piney, herbal and grassier notes of Eucalyptus perfectly in a candle. Quite vivacious in scent and green, a perfect candle if you're in need of something still warm but uplifting for the cooler season ahead.


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