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Healing energy – understanding crystals in candles

Myles Gray

We are endlessly intrigued by the world of crystal healing, the way crystals are said to work, how to purify them and how best to use them.

So when we discovered that you can combine the power of scent and our olfactory sense with that of crystal healing, we were absolutely interested in learning more. Myles Gray is brand combining the fragrance and crystals in one, creating a selection of curated candles. We spoke with co-founder Janelle Palibrk to discover more about how crystal healing and scent can work together - and what to use and when.


Can you explain how your unique candles work?

Each of our candles are infused with different crystals, each crystal works on a different chakra and vibrates at a different level to offer healing and promote a healthy energy vibration in your space. Each of our candles have been created with a specific purpose. The fragrances in each candle match the meaning behind the candle, for instance our candle Navre - The Candle Of Healing smells like a gorgeous bouquet of fresh roses, because that is the smell I have associated with healing. It is the smell of my mums house just after my dad passed away, we were surrounded by beautiful roses and so much love from our friends and family.

Our olfactory senses work in the most amazing way, recognising the emotions you feel when you recall a scent. This is why our candles will always smell the same, because we are condition our brains to feel a certain way when we smell them. The crystals add so much to the feeling also, allowing us to open our blocked chakras and to truly let the emotions flow. We want our candles to bring you light, to be able to support you in times of need, stress and also happiness.


Is there a particular time that is best to use them?

The best thing about our beautiful products is that there aren’t many rules, you can create a ritual that works specifically for you. Whatever time you choose to burn your candle just make sure you are reciting the affirmations that accompany it, we’ve included them on the packaging and there is also one on the candle label. You will feel powerful when you recite these and you will invigorate the crystal energy in your candle. We love creating rituals with our candles, so in our home when it is time for our children to go to bed we burn Jetiame - The Candle Of Love, their olfactory senses tell them that bedtime is coming and the crystal energy of the Rose Quartz creates the most beautiful soft energy vibration, creating some calm in the bedtime chaos.


Which would you recommend for calming, destressing and serenity?

Esprit Clair - The Candle Of Clarity is our go to for distressing and finding clarity and workflow. Infused with Tigers Eye and Amethyst crystals this candle will make you feel very calm and relaxed but will also motivate you and allow you to see clearer than you ever have before. We use this candle everyday in our office to promote workflow and clarity. It smells like a beautiful fresh clean home with notes of coconut, lavender and musk.


Which would you recommend for romance and passion?

We love Jetiame - The Candle Of Love for Romance, infused with Rose Quartz it will heal your heart and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this candle is incredible for self love, it will allow you to see your worth and it will inspire you to look at yourself like others look at you. Too often we don’t show ourselves the love we give so freely to others, and to feel passion sparking for someone else we first need to love ourself. This beautiful candle has notes of caramel, candied pecan and buttercream.


Which would you recommend for success and good fortune?

Richesse - The Candle Of Prosperity is our go to for success and good fortune, infused with yellow aventurine this powerhouse candle will open new doors for you to explore, ones that you might have been afraid to explore previously. You’ll find yourself feeling more confident and trusting your gut instinct. It will open up a pathway for money to enter your life and will give you a little more confidence in your decision making too. With notes of patchouli, rum and sage this candle reminds us of a private library on a large estate.


Is there a particular way or method for using these to best advantage? Is it important to set intentions?

Our main goal is to welcome everyone into the world of crystal healing, we have created our products to be as simple to use as possible so if you aren’t into crystal healing you can light our gorgeous candles, enjoy their unique fragrances and also bask in the healing benefits of the crystals without knowing. But if you want the full power of what our products can do, then just give them a little attention. Crystals work best when they are loved so recite the affirmations we provide on each candle and ensure you fully believe in what you are saying.


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Image: Myles Gray