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‘Talk To Me’ is getting a sequel: here’s everything we know so far

Australian horror fans have been gleefully lapping up the international success of A24's latest Aussie horror film Talk to Mewhich first screened at Adelaide Film Festival in 2022 before heading to Sundance to have its world premiere.

Directed by internet horror content creators Danny and Michael Philippou (known collectively as RackaRacka), Talk to Me has already grossed over $10 million in its opening weekend, meaning it is now A24’s biggest opening weekend since one of their first big horror releases: Hereditary.

RUSSH even got to meet Sophie Wilde and Zoe Terakes and talk to them about all things horror and A24.

But today there's more exciting news on the horror horizon: A24 have just green-lit the tentatively titled Talk 2 Me, a follow-up to the smash-hit film. While there's likely to be a bit of a wait until we get to see the sequel in cinemas, here's everything we know so far about the sequel...


What do we know about the Talk to Me sequel so far?

As of this week, the confirmed sequel has been green-lit, with Danny and Michael set to resume their roles as directors. The duo had already flagged their interest in a sequel (and a prequel) to the film, when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter:

“While writing the first film, you can’t help but write scenes for a second film,” Danny said. “The mythology was so thick, and yeah, if A24 gave us the opportunity, we wouldn’t be able to resist. I feel like we’d jump at it.”


What's this about a prequel?

Danny and Michael also shared that they have already filmed a prequel story – a backstory to Talk to Me character Duckett (who appears in the opening scenes of the movie). The prequel is apparently entirely told through the perspective of mobile phones and social media – but the duo have floated the idea of releasing the footage down the line.


When will it the Talk to Me sequel be released?

Considering the sequel has only just been announced, we're expecting a bit of a wait to see this one in cinemas. But we're hopeful that the release date for the Talk to Me sequel isn't too far in the future.


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Image courtesy of A24.