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‘Sylvie’s Love’ is the heartfelt 1950s romance we all desperately need this Christmas

Sylvie's Love film

There's nothing quite as magical as the few days between Christmas and New Years, where time feels like a construct of our imaginations and eating Christmas sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner has no consequences. While we tend to spend most of these wonderful days beachside, settling in after a day in the sun to watch a new film is a luxury we certainly enjoy. With that being said, we've already started curating our watch-list for the upcoming festive season, and Amazon's latest film, Sylvie's Love is at the top.

Initially, Sylvie's Love could be wrongly interpreted as another cliche period romance. In reality, it's exactly this type of melodramatic, larger-than-life grandeur that the world desperately needs right now. The film is escapism in its finest form, as we're sucked into the world of Sylvie (Tessa Thompson), who dreams of a career working in television during the 1950s, but instead, spends her days helping at her father's record store. Robert (Nnamdi Asomugha), a handsome saxophonist waltzes into Sylvie's world while on the hunt for the latest Thelonious Monk record, and as expected, the pair are immediately smitten.

What ensues from there is a Before Sunset-esque tale through the decades, charting the intersecting lives of the two lovers and the circumstances that prevent their happily-ever-after. We promise, that wasn't a spoiler.

Watch the trailer for Sylvie's Love below.

If you're noticing stylistic parallels between Thompson's character and the glorious Audrey Hepburn, you wouldn't be wrong. Speaking during a virtual Q&A from Amazon Studios, costume designer for the film, Phoenix Mellow, shared that she was heavily inspired by the iconic 1950s outfits worn by the late Hepburn. Mellow noted that Sylvie's tailored blue dress Chanel dress – a brand adored by Hepburn's character, Holly Golightly – was one of her favourite looks in the film. Not to mention her short bob and bangs.

Sylvie's Love will debut on Amazon Prime come December 25, following the streaming giant’s acquisition of the project at January’s Sundance Film Festival. Writer-director Eugene Ashe pays tribute to the studio romances of the 50s and 60s, creating a film that both looks, and feels the part; from plot machinations and production design, to the recreation of the era's grand emotional stakes.

It's impossible not to fall in love with the woozily romantic film that is Sylvie's Love.

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