Suzi Leenaars

She’s the Vetements favourite and RUSSH regular who has a thing for surprises and let us shave her head for Issue 47. On a summer’s morning in East London she played muse to friend and fellow model Christina Carey, who captured her bathed in sunlight and right at home. Here, Suzi Leenaars tells about that day, her “liberal” upbringing and living all around the world.

The first thing you should know about me ... I’m easily distracted. The best things in life are ... Surprises. My style’s influenced by ... Bag ladies. My star sign is ... Gemini. I was scouted ... On more than one occasion.



“We shot at my old flat in east London on a summer’s morning. It was very relaxed - there was no planning involved. Christina just shoots candidly when we hang out so the resulting images always feel intimate and honest.”



My greatest adventure ... A solo trip to Tokyo. I’m passionate about ... Dairy-free alternatives. If I wasn’t modelling I would be ... Better at keeping appointments. I never thought I would ... Live in so many different cities. The best nights are ... Sweaty.

“I grew up in Sydney on the northern beaches. My parents are Dutch so my upbringing wasn't quintessentially Australian, but it was definitely very liberal.”



I’m reading ... Vivienne Westwood’s memoir. I can’t stop listening to ... Tuxedomoon. My relationship with my hair is ... In constant flux. I miss ...  My mum. I look up to ... Christina because she’s 5’ 11”. One day I will ... Buy a goat.



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