The RUSSH editors share their favourite statement decor pieces

For those homey touches that pull things together. We all have favoured items in our spaces that just make things work, whether it be a sentimental heirloom, a piece of contemporary art, or a really good lamp. What makes your space yours? Here, the RUSSH editors round up the homewares that have transformed their spaces.


Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

There are many precious things in my home that I feel pull things together, but most recently it has been this mid-century style chrome arc lamp that my friends gifted me for my birthday. Because of its size, it adds grandeur to my otherwise rather small apartment, and makes the living space feel complete.


Elle Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

The list of things I want to decorate my home with is long. The main problem? They all cost so much money. I recently came across a chair I liked for a reasonable enough $400 and then the shipping came to $2,500. Go figure. 

So instead it is the little things that make a house a home. Maison Balzac vases gifted from a friend that have luckily been filled with a constant rotation of tulips. Artwork from friends and family to fill the space. Drawings from my sister, Caroline Wood. Paintings from Sarah Adamson. Lipstick art from Teneille Sorgiovanni and photography from Alex Tracey

Though I am still on the hunt for the perfect lamp. And have my eyes on these.


Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director

When I was buying my forever furniture, I made sure to pick simple, streamlined pieces. I didn’t want anything too trend-driven that would end up in landfill after just a year or so. I wanted to ensure I was buying timeless pieces that I could keep for years - it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

But simple furniture can be a little boring if you don’t jazz it up and I like to do that with indoor plants. I am a plant mum and I dream of eventually turning my house into a jungle. Plants add colour, life and air into any space. My most recent addition is an olive tree I picked up in Byron that now lives in my bedroom. I also want to (eventually) get a big palm to sit next to my lounge.

I also have a penchant for rugs. I have a big blue statement one under my dining table. It’s a great way to add a splash of colour into a room without committing to a big change.


Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

I’m constantly on the hunt for homewares and furniture, never quite happy or content with how my space is looking - I’m terrible at making decisions and forever changing my mind. Though the items that have stuck around are the art pieces from talented friends that I cherish. My prints from Alex Tracey and Nick Stindos along with my dreamy sculpture from Holly Ryan.

The newest additions to the space include a vintage Italian marble coffee table from Curated Spaces and Heirloom Vessel by Clae Studio. As mentioned by Elle, I am still also on the hunt for the perfect lamp. Don’t get me wrong, I have found many I like, though yet to be able to afford them.


Gabriela Hidalgo

Brand & Art Director 

Nothing turns a space into a home (even if its temporary - hello renters) like an abundance of light and plants. Whilst some spaces are a little darker than others, it’s time to get strategic. The solution? Mirrors. Lots of them. A well placed mirror, opposite a window or a blank white wall will double the amount of light brought into the space. Place a plant or bunch of flowers in front of it and it immediately doubles, looking far more lush than it perhaps is.

To accessorise said plants,  The Plant Society carries some beautiful handmade pots and planters, not to mention every type of plant under the sun! I’ve spent more time than I am proud to admit on Facebook Marketplace or vintage stores like Mitchell Road Antiques to find the perfect XXL mirror(s) for my home.