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Elise Pioch Balzac on Maison Balzac’s new collection and blurring the senses

Maison Balzac Un Reve

Light filters through coloured glassware. Casting shadows in sunset hues. Scents that speak of silence and objects that remind you of home. The Maison Balzac line of homewares are imbued with beauty, a sense of playfulness, craftsmanship and well, cool. 

They transformed coloured glassware into objects of desire. Their candles inspired the silence of churches, fields in the South of France and notes of grandma's cooking. And with their latest collection, Un Reve the brand again highlights everything they stand for. The collection is composed of glass candle holders, tapered dinner candles in shades of pastel, square cut glasses and carafes in amber, olive and burgundy alongside a fruit bowl. We spoke with Maison Balzac’s founder Elise Pioch Balzac to discuss her inspiration for the new collection, why her native France will always inspire and creating a dream out of the everyday. 


The collection Un Reve is available to purchase today from


Maison Balzac

Why did you decide to name this collection Un Reve

Now more than ever I wanted to hold people's hands and take them into a dream world where everything is playful, serene and happy.


What was the inspiration behind the new candle shapes and colours in this collection? 

Like in a dream, we wanted to distort reality and transform glass vases into dinner candles. The colours of these shaped candles draw from the colours of our glassware range. Blurring the senses is something we love to do here at Maison Balzac!


Where do you draw inspiration from for each collection? 

I was living in France when this collection was created so it had a huge influence. For example the fruit platter is something we commonly use in France but might seem unusual to the rest of the world. Bringing it back to fashion is a mission of ours!