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Buy your sustainable face mask on RUSSH

KITX Remnant Masks

If you've jumped online to buy a face mask, you've probably noticed that many of them are sold out - or have lengthy waitlists.

And if you needed one quickly, you probably had to turn to a single-use option - which is not ideal for many reasons.

With many Victorian residents now required to wear masks and with the mask regulations elsewhere in Australia changing daily, finding a reusable, washable and permanent option is now an essential.

So, we've decided to start offering them in our store.

Some weeks ago our team pulled together a list of where to buy reusable face masks. We were hunting sustainable options, made from quality fabrics. Plus, we wanted something with a little bit of flair and style too. Fortunately, many of our favourite brands took it upon themselves to create exactly what we were looking for.

A favourite options were the remnant masks from KITX - in fact, these are the ones that we bought for ourselves. Get ready to see us sporting the blue hemp iterations on Instagram shortly.

We love them because they're made from dead stock fabric. Fabric offcuts that were heading for the recycling bin until Kit found a way to reuse them. And of course, all of these fabrics are sustainable fibres in the first place, like linen and hemp.

Sustainability is an issue that is at the heart of RUSSH. Our team is extremely passionate about prioritising the positive future of our planet. So here you are, the most sustainable masks we could find.

You can get your KITX remnant mask on RUSSH at our store.

They're $25 - no, there's no mark-up and no, this is not sponsored or paid placement. These are just the masks that we bought for ourselves, and we wanted you to be able to get them for yourself as easily as possible - if you so choose.

We hope you stay happy and healthy, wherever you are.


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