The September New Moon in Virgo is a time for rebirth – what to know

Our September New Moon arrives at 10:51am AEST on September 7, although its effects will be felt in the lead up and in the days shortly after. Marking the mid-way point of Virgo season (meaning the Sun is in Virgo), this New Moon also happens to fall in the sign of Virgo. When the Sun and Moon both fall into the same sign, especially during auspicious moments like at the Full and New Moons, we feel the influence of this sign on both sides of ourselves. Where the Sun rules our outer selves, the Moon rules our inner selves, so expect to be fully embracing the Virgoan energy over the next few days.


What to expect from the New Moon in Virgo

As with any New Moon, this is energetic low point of any lunation (or Moon Cycle). That is not to say that we'll be feeling flat and lifeless, more that the themes and dominating experiences of the last cycle that peaked at the Full Moon will come to a natural close. It's a time of refresh and renewal. A moment to cleanse mentally and prepare to enter the next phase of the year. Of course, if you're someone that likes to practise manifestations or moon rituals, this is the best time to do so as we reach a point of reset.

Of course, if you know anything about Virgos, you'll probably realise that this New Moon can be extremely beneficial. New Moons are the moment to set yourself up for success in the new Moon Cycle ahead, and there is not energy that will equip you to do this better than Virgo. Virgo is meticulous. Organised, a driver of perfection, a lover of nature, intelligent and always prepared. As this energy is flooding the Sun and powering the New Moon, this is the push you'll need to make real and beneficial change.

There is really power in setting your intentions, organising your true goals and writing them down - and Virgo is here to help and inspire you to do just that. Maybe you finally get all your dream furniture purchases into a spreadsheet or maybe you'll feel inspired to cleanse and organise your wardrobe. Given that Mars, the planet that rules passion, is also in Virgo, maybe you'll be ready to clean house and delete your ex from social media to officially make way for new love. Whatever you feel, lean into the energy you get at this New Moon. It will help you ask for and receive the good things to come. And of course, don't be surprised if you feel the urge to deep clean the kitchen, organise your makeup, or tidy the garden.


Which signs will be most affected?

It's hard to say that Virgos themselves will be affected or impacted. Rather, they'll just be happy that everyone will be just as into spreadsheets as they are during this brief window. But for others, there may be a little more tension.

For Pisces, a sign who prefers to colour outside the lines, the perfectly organised and structured energy of  the Sun and Moon in Virgo can feel restrictive. Just remember that a little organisation never hurt anyone, and try to view this time as an opportunity for self improvement rather than being forced to fit into a box.

As for wanderer and eternal explorer, Sagittarius, the Virgo New Moon can be an opportunity for clarity. Pinning a Sag down and getting to the bottom of what they really want is always a challenge. Take this a moment to understand yourself better. Set goals that fit with what is truly important to your and let Virgo help you set yourself up to achieve them.


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Image: Arwin Neil Baichoo on Unsplash