Your September horoscopes are here: This is what to expect from the month ahead

september horoscopes 2023

Wondering what your horoscopes have in store for you this September 2023?

We begin September in neat-freak Virgo season and we end the month in lush Libra, domain of Venus. Of all the transitions between signs, this one is the least dramatic when you think about it, unlike the shift from Pisces to Aries. Virgo’s essence is acts of service, while Libra’s is an instinct to balance the needs and desires of multiple viewpoints. Fundamentally, both involve self-sacrifice. For this reason, the transition from Virgo to Libra is a shift in intensity rather than a different spirit altogether.

What this all means for us is that September might be the month that challenges (or invites) us to give up our little self-dealing needs for the greater good. That good might refer to harmony in the workplace, at the dining-table, or in bed. The big picture message from our horoscopes in September 2023? Time to put the ego on ice. We were just in Leo, so drama queen time is over… until Scorpio season, of course.



Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in your Selfhood zone until September 15th. Not the best placement. Why? Mercury retrogrades in this part of the chart tend to make self-expression more muddled. One way that this may manifest: feeling reluctant to voice your desires and needs. Or, what’s worse: voicing your desires, but having them misunderstood by others. Such is the fate of most communication but especially now for you until mid-month. Playing the role of editor – rather than author – might be a productive choice until the retrograde ends. Are there essays, applications, memos that need to be looked over again and gotten into shape? Over the next few weeks, this kind of activity looks better than starting a new project. On September 22nd, the Sun moves out of your sign and into Libra for the Solstice, where it will light up your Money zone. Libra is about bringing balance. Focus on doing the same with your spending.



On September 3rd, your ruling planet, Venus, goes “direct” after a wonky month-long retrograde in Leo. When planets emerge from retrogrades, their influence on us tends to be stronger and more alive. So, with this revived Venus impacting your Friendship zone for the whole of September, you might desire to show more Venus love to your support group. This might take the form of more girl nights. Lean into socializing, since Venus will lend you charm and grace. Given that this part of the chart also deals with social networking, you may find increased professional opportunities through friends around this time.


Until the 22nd, Virgo Sun lights up your House of Friendships. Seeing that your ruling planet, aggressive Mars, has recently left this part of your chart, it’s time to call up a friend or friends you may have alienated during that difficult transit and invite them out. Virgo is about mending, recycling, re-working – and with its ruling planet, Mercury, going retrograde until the 15th, this is a time to nurture friendships. On the 22nd, the Sun shifts into deliberative Libra, where it will be activating your introspective House of the Unconscious. Here, the yearning for socializing and networking with others may likely abate and you could find more solace alone, balancing thoughts of past achievements with goals for the future.



You have both the Sun and communicative Mercury in your Career zone to start the month, but the Messenger Planet is going retrograde until September 15th. A Mercury retrograde is notorious for making communication more delayed or difficult. But the positive side to this retrograde is that it will slow down Mercury’s overly hasty energy. As such, this could be a good time to reflect on your career path, rather than rashly reacting to obstacles on it. On September 22nd, the Sun shifts into Libra where it will be activating your zone of Friendship and Social Networking. This is an excellent placement for a more social sign like yourself. Align with Libra’s considered influence by making sure that you talk less and listen more. You may hear about some lucrative professional opportunities through the grapevine this way.



Ambitious Mars pumps up your Career sector all month. True, Planet War can be confrontational, difficult, and aggressive. Also true, these aren’t the best qualities to bring to work. But, if you can keep your Capricorn cool and feed off Mars’ passion and drive this can be a potent month for you career-wise. Take on more responsibility, show your boss some initiative. The Career zone also deals with public recognition, which an activated Mars could help you achieve. On the 22nd, the Sun shifts into balanced Libra, where it will also be impacting your Career zone. This Libra Sun should have a calming impact on Mars, if you’re getting overheated by all the naked ambition with which you started the month. Libra plays well with others – Mars, not so much.


Lovely Venus impacts your Relationship zone all month. For the most part, this is a strong placement. We would be remiss not to point out, however, that Planet Love will be emerging from a month-long retrograde until the 3rd. If you’ve been feeling a bit uneasy about romance or partners the past few weeks, well, you’ve had Venus in a tough astrological place. Retrogrades weaken a planet’s influence. In Venus’ case, that means challenging aspects related to romance. But that should change once Venus goes direct. It will then be in a stronger position to help with love, desire, and harmony with a partner. If single and interested in romance, this revived Venus could improve your lot in that arena. If uninterested in romance altogether, the Relationship zone also deals with business partners. A healthy Venus could strengthen those ties, too.



The first two weeks of September appear somewhat difficult. On the 3rd, lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet, goes retrograde (meaning that your cosmic cheerleader will be subdued on the sidelines). As such, you may not be feeling as intuitive or supported by the universe around this date. And to further complicate matters, Mercury will likewise be retrograde in your Relationship zone until the 15th. Such a retrograde motion in this part of the chart can lead to increased misunderstandings between lovers or a sense of not clicking. This is all to say, lots of delayed energy in your chart at the moment. The advice: go with the flow. Sometimes it helps to accept our cosmic moment rather than fret about it. So, choose words carefully, speak not in anger, embrace delays to start the month. Once Mercury goes direct mid-Month, you will feel more supercharged to meet challenges with more readiness.



Your ruler, aggressive Mars, activates your Relationship zone all month. Beware. Mars is a disruptive force. It’s also solo-going. As such, it could struggle in this part of the chart, which is all about compromise and forming consensus with significant others in your life. But you’d be surprised what a small adjustment in your communication can achieve for overall harmony. “You need to do this” (a very Mars way of saying something) is alienating. Say instead: “Could we have a conversation about doing this?” Same message, majorly different results. The former is Aries/Mars. The latter is more aligned to Libra, which the Sun joins on the 22nd. Sun-in-Libra is about focusing on the other. It will soften Mars influence even more toward month’s end, but you should already be working on softening its influence beforehand. The spotlight won't be away from you for long. A Full Moon on the 29th in your sign is a night to remind everyone of your own needs again.



Venus, your ruling planet, emerges from a vexed month-long retrograde on September 3rd, after which point it will be going direct in your Home zone for the next four weeks. When planets go direct following a retrograde, their influence is extra strong, their particular qualities extra vibrant. In your case, love, desire, and beauty (all related to Venus) should be enlivened in your life, especially as they pertain to home, property, and interiors. As the Solstice approaches, this is a perfect transit to beautify your place in some way. Retrogrades can make our world feel somewhat stagnant. Counterbalance this with circulating new looks. Rearrange furniture, make a bold purchase, or both. A well-aspected Venus wants to bring harmony to whatever part of the chart it transits. Align with your ruler and focus on improving your home this month.



All month your ruling planet, chatty Mercury, is in a strong place but it’s going retrograde until September 15th. Retrogrades can weaken a planet’s influence. Mercury retrogrades in particular delay and complicate communication. You want to speed, but Mercury is functioning like a pesky traffic cop, forcing you to pump the brakes. Rather than feeling creative over the next couple weeks, you might find more cosmic support via activities like editing, reviewing, re-framing, or re-thinking your communication. Wait until the retrograde ends on 15th to push forward with any major communications. On the 22nd, the Sun moves into fellow air sign Libra, where it highlights the Fun and Romance zone of your chart: much clearer astrological skies. Romance should feel light and easy.



The Sun and chatty Mercury highlight your Communication zone for the first part of the month. Usually, this would be a great placement for bolstering your social media presence or brand, but communication may feel somewhat strained due to a Mercury retrograde until the 15th. Rather than push forward with splashy communications, all of the cosmic indicators suggest the first two weeks of September might be a better time for editing, revising, and re-working the wording on memos, applications, personal statements, grants, etc. Try to wait until mid-month – once Mercury goes direct – to send contracts or make important announcements. On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Libra, where it will empower the Home zone of your chart. This is an excellent placement for a more private sign like yourself. Libra is ruled by harmonious Venus, so expect a deeper sense of calm regarding home life toward month’s end.



On September 3rd, Venus goes direct in your sign after a wonky, month-long retrograde there. It’s time to shake off the grumpy wet-cat vibes and flounce out into the Sun for September, because Venus is in a much better cosmic condition now. Of course, a happy Venus in your sign means a happier Leo. But let’s not go full Leo mode just yet. Baby steps. Start small. Venus in the Selfhood zone of your chart is about beautifying appearance. Go to the spa, get some new clothes for the Solstice. But remember too, that we are in self-sacrificing Virgo season and then Libra. That means, invite a friend along on your excursions. Treat them; care for them a bit. The cosmos will smile down on you more if you share your current Venusian spoils with those dear to you this month. Don't bask in the riches of your strong planetary placements alone.

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