What to expect from the September Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

Arriving early on September 21, our next Full Moon is at its fullest point at 9:54am AEST. The first Full Moon of the spring season this one is colloquially known as the Harvest Moon. Taking its name from colonial American traditions and European traditions, this Moon would typically signal the beginning of the autumn harvest season. Astrologically, it comes to us in the Water Sign of Pisces, inviting us all to embrace a sense of creativity energy.


What to expect from the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces?

Springtime is ordinarily a time to flourish and welcome change, and our Full Moon will be there to help us along the way. Pisces is one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac, one that is deeply affected by and perceptive of the negativity around them. It's also one that is wildly creative, with a passion for colouring outside the lines. Traditional parameters and set ways of doing things do not phase a Pisces, they will always find a unique perspective and a creative way to undertake new tasks and express themselves. These are the energies that will be influencing the mood of this Full Moon.

Expect the peak of this Moon to have you wanting to draw, write, read, start your own business or just think and consider your world in a new way. You may feel impassioned and inspired to pick up new tools and take a sharp left turn into something different. Just remember that not every single creative outlet or hobby is something that you have to measure through traditional success. Starting a food Tik Tok or writing a short novella doesn't have to lead to likes, engagement or followers. Sometimes you can just create because you enjoy it and it doesn't matter what other people think.

Also, know that the Moon rules over our inner selves, the people we are when we're alone. So if you need to take some time away, to be by yourself to experience the full sense of Piscean creativity, do it! Sometimes alone time is essential for self-care.

On the other side, this Full Moon will be a deeply emotional one for many of us. Another tumultuous year has had many of us bottling our feelings and trying to remain productive and perfectly optimised at all times. This Moon is about none of that. Pisces does not work within boundaries and perfectly-timed to-do-list structures. You may feel the urge to release and just talk it all out - or even cry it all out - productivity be damned. Remember, it's okay to not be okay. If you need to take a moment to feel your feelings - as this Full Moon will push you to - it's probably something you need, and may have resisted for much of the year.

It's important to also understand that Full Moons represent the peak of the current Moon Cycle. Any themes or energies you took with you into this cycle at the New Moon will be reaching an energetic crest, or as some may say, a breaking point. If you've been experiencing tension or unresolved emotions, expect them to come to a head around this time. Especially with Pisces' influence making us all a little more fragile at this point. And do not try to hide it all away, Full Moons are notorious for exposing and illuminating the truth. Even if you try to disguise the way you feel, it will be easy to see through.


Which signs will be most affected?

Cancer will be feeling particularly influenced by this Full Moon owing to the activity in its ninth house. This is your sector of perceptiveness and intuition, so prepare to be feeling particularly connected to the world around you. Particularly since Pisces is considered the psychic of the zodiac and you will have this influence too. Virgos too will be feeling this Full Moon deeply. It arrives at the tail end of Virgo season, so you will already be experiencing the feelings that come with the transition into Libra season. You'll be wanting to take the creative energy you're feeling into your relationships - try and nurture them. You often try and put feelings aside when they threaten to get in the way of your perfectly organised world, but now is time to let them in and show the people around you that you care. Scorpio will be feeling all sexed up at this Full Moon, literally. This celestial event lights up your fifth house which represents fertility and passion. You've be craving touch and romanticism, and with Pisces encouraging us all to feel our feelings, what's the point of denying yourself. But of course your house of fertility is about more than sex. You'll be feeling full of ideas and now may be the perfect idea for you to conceive your next big career project.


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Image: David Maunsell on Unsplash