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Sarah Bahbah binds a decade of art into her first photography book ‘Dear Love’

sarah bahbah

We've watched her short films, snapped up the limited edition prints, and some of us even have her subtitle lights glowing on our bedroom walls. Now, we can secure Sarah Bahbah's art bound in the pages of her first coffee table book, Dear Love, a hefty 424-page tome comprising of more than 600 of those signature captioned and heavily romanticised images.

Over the past decade, Australian born, Palestinian-Jordanian artist Sarah Bahbah has churned out project after project, notable ones being a photo series entitled Fool Me Twice starring Alisha Boe and Noah Centineo, as well as a fruitful relationship with Kygo, doling out music videos starring the likes of Laura Harrier, Khadijha Red Thunder and Cole Sprouse, to name a few.

As of November 23, Sarah Bahbah announced that she has been working behind the scenes for the last 12 months to compile ten years worth of material into one book. Dear Love, she says in an Instagram caption, "is not just a coffee table book". The self-published and self-funded title "is also an autobiography about the past 30 years of my life and how I leaned into my craft to survive, to heal, to unlearn conditional love, to reconcile with self and my identity and to find my way to pure love, a love that has kept me here today," Bahbah says.

"I reveal so much of myself in this book, this level of vulnerability had me face to face with self-doubt, self-criticism, imposter syndrome and intrusive thoughts every day I worked on it, but deep down I know true emotional liberation and healing comes from radical transparency and release, and this book exists for me to release the hurt, celebrate the unconditional growth, my craft, and the life I have lived in all the darkness and the light, and to melt in pure, divine love." Noting that "this book is for Baby Sarah."

In line with Bahbah's desire to make her art accessible, she has reintroduced a sliding scale payment system, which she first rolled out during the pandemic. How it works is that those wishing the purchase the book can opt to spend between $60 up to $300, the price point dependent on their own means and financial circumstances. It's an honesty system, and the quality of what Bahbah describes as a "luxury" book won't shift if you can only afford the minimum entry point.

If you're hoping to get your hands on Dear Love, you can do so at the link in Sarah Bahbah's Instagram bio.

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Images: @sarahbahbah