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10 recipes that give salad a good name

salad recipes

Of all the words in the food kingdom, salad is the least sexy. That is just plain fact dear pals. If you had attempted to lure me in with, what I once imagined as, a sad assemblage of garnishes disguised as under-seasoned leaves one year ago, you'd have me running for the hills where hopefully a mountain of carb-heavy foods would be waiting sympathetically. But recently these feelings have not so much been extinguished, but wavered.

Maybe it's the subtle influence of the TikTok salad lab lady, or maybe it's the realisation that yes, you do need something to cut through the richness of steak, pasta, insert fat-leaning dish here. And once you open your eyes to the possibilities of the salad realm, you realise there is a flicker of sex to be found in the category after all.

Now I'm not here in my capacity as a salad evangelist, but there is a case to be made for a dish that spotlights the magic of seasonal ingredients that are seasoned lavishly and with flair, to be enjoyed simply. This should be the sole purpose of a salad. Second, of course, to the banal detail that we must every so often consume something green.

So in the spirit of trying something new, below we've rounded up 10 salad recipes that are anything but boring, and above all, delicious.


Fior di Latte, pea, broad bean and lemon salad


Sophia Roe's tomato salad with currants and serrano chilli oil

Radicchio and Walnut Salad


Ottolenghi's Cavolo nero with chorizo and preserved lemon


Miso Carrot and Mung Bean Salad


Alison Roman's Citrus and Endive with Walnut Gremolata


Indian Spiced Chicken Salad


Laila Gohar's Turkish Tomato Salad


Autumn Farro and Persimmon Salad


Samin Nosrat's Caesar Salad


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