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6 delicious pasta recipes you’ll want to make all summer long

summer pasta recipes

Pasta is a dish we can eat all year round. Frankly, we can barely imagine going more than a week without eating some variation of, what I believe to be, the best carbohydrates to exist. But as the seasons change, so does the produce and so do our taste buds. While in winter we might crave more steadying variations on pasta, in summer, nothing beats a quick, light and glossy sauce – it is tomato season after all. The base is up to you, as for the rest? Leave it to us. There's plenty of summer pasta recipes on offer, and I'm here to share my favourites with you.

By the way, this doesn't mean I'm moving into pasta salad territory (I would never, by the way, with one exception). I am simply sharing the recipes that have the magical ability to instantly transport me to an Italian coastline – something we can all get amongst, surely. From seafood masterpieces to those tossed with summer vegetables, here are 6 of the best pasta recipes you'll want to make all summer long.


Fratelli Paradiso's Pistachio Pesto Strozzapreti

Our ears prick up whenever Fratelli Paradiso enters the conversation. The heaving Sydney institution is our first stop, always, for unfussy, delicious, Italian. This recipe comes from the restaurant's head chef Trisha Greentree and uses tangles of strozzapreti, married with zucchini and pistachio. Double yum.


Pasta Alla Norma

Take advantage of the abundance of tomatoes and eggplants and whip up Xanthe Gladstone's take on a classic. It's a simple sauce, and the longest cooking is reserved for the eggplants which need a moment in the over to get golden. Serve it for Sunday lunch with buffalo mozzarella and something chilled.


Pasta Salad with Peas and Parmesan

Regardless of what you think of Alison Roman's cooking, this is the only pasta salad that matters. It makes use of peas, which are in season during summer, and the 1-inch hunk of parmesan on its last legs in your fridge. Serve it as a side, make it the main focus of the meal. Your choice.


Danielle Alvarez's Prawn and Chilli Linguine

We are officially in prawn season (although its reaches roaring heights around Christmastime) and while there's plenty to be said about eating them fresh with your choice of dipping sauce or garnish, arguably one of the best ways to enjoy prawns is in pasta. I love the bisque-like richness of seafood and tomato, although Alvarez notes that this was something she hoped to avoid in her recipe without diluting the flavour altogether. Here she's created a middle ground with a kick. Go on, then.


Carter Were's Simple Sardine Pasta

It's all in the prep with this summer pasta recipe from Carter Were. Packed with five different kinds of herbs, this dish comes together with little effort, but thanks to the presence of tinned sardines, has an umami kick to keep you satisfied.


Spaghetti Alla Nerano

If you joined Stanley Tucci for his food tour through Italy, you'll remember the actor's favourite dish eaten in Sorrento. This recipe riffs on that meal, and will restore your appreciation in the humble zucchini, of which there's plenty to be found in summer.


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