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An ode to beans: 10 bean recipes to make for any season

Like many, I could write a hundred love notes to beans. Unfortunately, with editorial considerations in mind, I will have to stick with just one, unless I were to start a bean-themed fan blog, but this is a concept for another day. There is very little to not love about beans in their many forms. Whether you prefer yours like my dad, who blanches crunchy green runners in salted water and smothers them in lemon and salt, or you're more partial to the ever-versatile white bean, for its luscious, creamy interior and unsuspecting exterior, these days it feels safe to claim that beans are an increasingly popular topic.

And thank goodness for that! A bean-less life would be a sorry life to lead indeed, especially when they give so much of themselves throughout their many stages of life. There are the tender greens, the string beans and the broad beans which thrive in spring and summer and can be crunched on straight from the vine, hot from the heat of the sun, their cousins - the peas, an equally satisfying treat. Then come the dried beans. Kidney's, Cannellini, Borlotti, Butter and Fava, when dried for long-lasting preservation, they are hard and durable, but when treated well and simmered for hours, they become soft and pliable as butter.

Perfect for all seasons and extremely easy on the wallet, below, we are rounding up bean recipes for endless occasions. From fava paste, to cacio e pepe white beans, beans in broth and crispy beans. It's a bean's world, and we're all just living in it.


Laila Gohar's basic beans

bean recipes


White Bean Cacio e Pepe


Beans and Pasta 


Crispy Cannellini Beans 


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Beans in 15 


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Fava Bean Paste 


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Dilly Beans and Peas on Ricotta Toast 

bean recipes

Clams in White Bean Sauce


Brothy Beans

bean recipes


White Beans and Citrus Roasted Fennel

bean recipes

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