Your Sagittarius horoscope predictions for 2024 have officially landed

sagittarius horoscope 2024

We start the year with Mercury retrograding in your sign and turning direct on January 2nd. This is symbolic and feels like that moment where the arrow is pulled back into the bow, the tension is at its zenith, and we have to steady our mind and body; focus on the target and release. Much of your year feels like this, in the sense that your aim is the direction your intentions are moving you towards. And the truer and more aligned they feel to you, the more propulsion there can be behind your actions.

The first half of the year sees your bountiful ruling planet, Jupiter, maintaining its movement through the sensual sign of Taurus, bringing with it opportunities to practically feel and ground your relationship to your own worth and value, tethering it to daily anchor points and rituals that nourish your sense of self. On May 26th, Jupiter will move into Gemini, your opposite sign. This feels playful and experimental, merging new curiosities with your ever-present experiential edge. New avenues of interest and new perspectives keep you youthful. With your ruler in the sign of the scribe and oracle, you may have the natural desire to look back on and recount – in whatever form feels best – the chapters of your life that you have lived thus far.

You are after all, the wandering philosopher and adventurer of the Zodiac, desirous of life and with many a tale already stashed in your personal histories. Saturn continues its tenure in Pisces for all of this year and this feels like a great opportunity to sink into structures, disciplines or commitments that will allow you more intentional access to your own direct experiences, these being what informs your personal set of beliefs and meaning. You don’t need a middle man. Whether it’s tapping into more of your intuition and mysticism, or dreaming up new worlds to birth creatively, this is a transit that supports mainlining the embryonic fluids of the cosmos. The eclipses will take place this year in the signs and seasons of Aries and Libra, bringing with them the opportunity to observe how tethered you feel to your own desires, wants and needs and how it is that you communicate them in your closest unions.

The North Node in Aries is in a great aspect to your own Sun sign for all of this year and feels like a healthy time to check in on and maybe update what your deeper drives and desires are, and notice how your willpower is or is not actioning from this foundation of your own true selfhood. It’s a year of action and review, action and review. Allowing you to aim truer and in more and more sustainable ways with each move that you make.

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