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Watch Rosie Huntington-Whiteley interview Emily Weiss on starting beauty empire Glossier

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Ever wanted to know how to become CEO of a billion dollar company?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has launched a new six-part series, About Face, interviewing the moguls that have redefined the beauty industry. In her most recent release the actress interviews Emily Weiss, founder of USA based, global beauty empire Glossier

Here, Rosie and Emily get straight to the point. From starting out her career as an intern at Teen Vogue, Emily discusses how, through her own thirst for information and curiosity about others beauty routines she saw a need for a platform that discussed the ins and outs of personal beauty. So armed with a $750 camera and a $30 domain name she started Into The Gloss. A site that revolutionised how we received beauty information. Beauty quickly went from research filled, marketing documents from beauty giants to the insides of people’s bathrooms, cupboards and shelves

We want skincare that works. But we also want cool product recommendations from the people we think are cool. Weiss founded Into The Gloss at just 26 and from there founded Glossier at the age of 29. Was youth ever a barrier for her? “People doubt me all the time, but who gives a fuck?” she tells Huntington-Whitely. 

Watch About Face here:

You can view the full six-minute interview via streaming service Quibi. Though if you’re after just a preview you can see the preview below:

“I think beauty really means being in the moment and not waiting for things to be perfect. Beauty is about the journey,” Weiss explains. On starting a company that has sold over two million Boy Brows, had a 10,000 people wait list and (pre-COVID19) had up to 3,000 customers come through their stores daily Weiss is amazed. “If you had asked me ‘would I have thought I’d be a CEO of a global beauty company?’ I would have not guessed that.” 

About Face is an exploration “of grit, diligence, and ingenuity.” With interviews with Kylie Jenner, Huda Kattan, Jen Atkin, PONY Syndrome and Sir John the series goes behind the brand with one-on-one interviews. Discusses their missteps, their triumphs and the risks that went into building their companies. A must watch if you’re a beauty lover and even more so if business building is in your sights.


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