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Cult favourite beauty brand Glossier is worth a billion dollars

The Glossier girl is easy to spot. She likes her make up dewy, her brows full, cheeks flushed (thanks to cloud paint) and knows that above all else, skincare takes priority. According to recent reports, the Glossier girl is also everywhere.

Since launching the cult favourite beauty brand in 2014, distinguishable thanks to its coveted millennial pink minimalist packaging, founder and CEO Emily Weiss has overseen a company of exponential growth. Latest figures evaluate the business is now worth approximately $1.2 billion, elevating it to ‘unicorn’ status in startup speak (a company valued at over $1 billion).

Weiss, who launched the company as an offspring to her 2010-established beauty blog Into The Gloss, also announced that startup has raised $100 million in a Series D funding round led by Sequoia Capital. Furthermore, Weiss has grown the business to achieve a reported $100 million a year in sales, doubling the company’s revenue from the year before.

The figures are staggering to comprehend but considering how ubiquitous the company’s products seem in the average beauty bag post or makeup tutorial it’s clear the demand for favourites such as Boy Brow, invisible SPF and Balm Dotcom isn’t abating.

Ingredients for such financial success? It helps that Weiss and her colleagues are very much tapped into the generation they’re servicing – Weiss is only 33-years-old herself – but beyond this, Glossier has eschewed traditional marketing avenues in favour of direct to-consumer dialogue. By creating a community of devotees through its social media channels such as Instagram, the brand has engaged an audience en mass, cultivating a relationship that feels more akin to your best friend group, rather than a business-consumer dynamic.

While we’re still waiting for the day Glossier ships to Australia, for now we’ll continue to send our expat friends into the brand’s New York and L.A. flagships for our beauty essentials. It doesn’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon.