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K-beauty brand innisfree is making bottles out of paper

It's not a secret that we already have too much plastic on this planet. And everyday we make more.

Since a staggering 91% of plastic is not recycled, it's more important than ever that we look for ways to eliminate our use of plastic. And make sure the plastic we're using is recycled, to increase demand for recycled materials

So, I know I'm not the only climate-conscious beauty fanatic that will be excited by the latest launch from innisfree.

No, it's not a new product. It's a new package. A bottle made from paper.

Since this Korean Beauty brand launched in 2000, it has always been dedicated to a green future. It's just one of the reasons why this brand is such a favourite.

The new paper bottle is limited edition and houses the innisfree's cult Green Tea Seed Serum - which it's a fabulous product by the way, I've tried it. Certainly well-worth investing in if you're looking for a natural, hydrating and gentle serum for all skin types.

This initiative is part of the brand's mission to reduce its plastic usage and by 2030 - and also to increase the reusability of all of its packaging to 100%.

Nikki Novakovic Marketing Manager for innisfree Australia said:

“We are committed to seeking alternative and more sustainable packaging solutions. There are undoubtedly plenty of simple opportunities to reduce the use of plastic."

“The Green Tea Seed Serum paper bottle is a small but a significant step towards more sustainable beauty, and from here, we will strive to further develop product packaging that has a positive impact on our environment and the Earth.”


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It's not made from 100% paper. The bottle is a paper mould with a light inner plastic container to stop the product seeping through. This method uses 51.8% less plastic than the original form of packaging. Also, the pump is made from 10% recycled polypropylene.

Also, if you take your empty bottles back to your nearest innisfree store - there's a big flagship in Pitt Street Mall for Sydney-siders - you'd get 50 points on your innisfree loyalty program account.

innisfree is a Korean Beauty brand that harnesses the power of the botanicals from the amazing island of Jeju. This pristine location is the secret behind many amazing brands including Jessica Gomes' Equal Beauty - so you know it's good.


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