When will Rihanna release her new album?


Queen of everyone's hearts and topper of the worlds collective hall pass lists. Rihanna won't stop teasing new music and we are simultaneously here for it and over it. Give us a sign.

We don't know when her anticipated new album 'R9' is due to release, but she's been hinting that it could be sooner than we think. Almost 5 years since ANTI was released, hardcore fans have just about had enough, while we're just happy to hear she's still making music in general. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the mogul explained: “I’m not going to put it out just because people are waiting,” Rihanna told the publication, taking note of fans relentless questions on the matter. “It’s taken this long, I’m gonna make it worth it.”

She is, after all, an extremely busy person. With the launch of FENTY Skin, FENTY, and Savage x Fenty, it's a wonder she's got any time to make new bangers at all, telling Access Hollywood "I have to pay attention to everything and stay on top of everything,” she said. “I’m just that way, and music sometimes takes a hit naturally because these other things are crucial in terms of timelines and production, and there’s so much that people will never understand that goes on behind the scenes.”

Amid all that is happening in the world right now, Rih Rih dropping some new tunes would certainly help with things feeling normal, perhaps even instil a sense of hope in some with memories of what the world was like pre-COVID, pre-Trump. In my opinion, celebrities are usually good for literally nothing, but in Rihanna - the inclusive queen - 's case, she is good for mostly everything, and new music is exactly what my mental health needs.

“Music is still my first love, so I can’t wait to put something out that I’m really proud of and excited about. It is probably gonna be sooner than my fans think, but I’m just gonna leave that alone,” she told Access Hollywood. We'll be waiting patiently until that day unexpectedly comes.


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Image credit: @badgalriri