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REDValentino and Central Saint Martins paves the way for young new image makers


It seems as though there is a lot of positive change in the air, with some of the most prominent in our industry taking on roles of the good samaritan. We have Dior with its Women@Dior program, Alexander McQueen's fabric donation initiative and now we arrive at REDValentino and its latest work with the students of Central Saint Martins.

Inviting students from the MA Fashion Image Course, REDValentino and Central Saint Martins offer SS21 s breath of fresh air and a new perspective, paving the way for a new generation of image makers to break rules, subvert norms and think outside the box with REDValentino's collection.




Fostering creativity and authenticity, Central Saint Martins students Aparna Aji, Bluebell Ross, Eomji Sim, Isabella Soliman, Kallan Huges, Lowri Cooper, Martus Chai, Phoebe Wilkinson, Ruby Pluhar and Yao Peng were each asked to showcase their individual interpretations of REDValentino SS21 through short film or a series of stills.

Challenging students to craft their own unique vision and reject any norms and convention, romanticism and were themes highlighted all throughout each series, harbouring motifs in adolescent play and surreal ingenuity.




Another challenge was further imposed on the students to think beyond the imagination with COVID lockdowns seeing to studio closures and inaccessibility. The challenge paved way for invention and innovation, the students utilising whichever resources were accessible at hand including using friends, bedrooms, homes in a range of different techniques and creative interpretations.

In this collaboration, REDValentino brings romance into reality and heralds a new norm for freedom in creativity.

"Creativity not as generating ideas; creativity as critical judgment, elaboration, testing and even rejecting a new concept. It’s about the value of deep understanding for an original result. Fashion as a personal point of view, as an experience to create something meaningful... A dream you make alone is a dream. A dream you make in two, or more, becomes reality," - REDValentino.

Honouring the true meaning of collaboration and individual expression, REDValentino and Central Saint Martins collaborative series is available for view on


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