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Stylist Susi Best shares on how to style your wardrobe in the transitional seasons

It’s that dreaded time of year where your wardrobe becomes directionless and jumbled. Ghosts of summer still linger; the linen, leather sandals, silks and teeny skirts. But now they’re forced to mingle with turtlenecks and rainwear. The weather forecast becomes a thing you need a PhD to decode. And you forgo an umbrella, only to find the sky showering as you reach the office.

After living in London for two years, local Sydney stylist Susi Best is well acquainted with the challenges of dressing for the transitioning seasons. Below, wearing Noble Label and shot by Narika Mckenzie, she shares how she finds comfort in the power of layers. And cites that the key to a good hair day can be found in a bucket hat or beanie. 


How would you describe your style?

I would love to say it’s a combination of 60’s, 70’s and 90’s, but really I just love to be comfortable and practical. And sometimes pretty.


What are some key wardrobe pieces you wear during the trans seasonal months?

The search for the perfect jean never ends, so I have a few pairs, most recently some high-waist wide leg ones in a dark denim. I always seem to wear plain black or white turtlenecks during those seasons, as they can go under literally anything and keep you warm. A long coat is essential too, but make sure it’s lightweight, and I like it big enough to fit a hoodie or jumper under if I wanted to.


How do you style for unpredictable weather?

Living in London the past 2 years I wore hats pretty regularly to stay warm, a beret, beanie or bucket hat, which I found to be so so underrated for hair maintenance. A good pair of boots or Docs are perfect too in the rain.


What are some of your favourite wardrobe looks for Autumn?

I’m obsessed with this oversized red jumper that my mum knitted me, and it looks nice with any jeans, shorts, even dresses. Long-sleeved tops are super useful, and I’m on the lookout for some more cardigans to wear over a little cami, or just worn buttoned up as a top.



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