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Dior and UNESCO stand together for a more inclusive world for Women@Dior


Since the beginning of its time, the Maison of Dior has always housed some of the most innovative minds and talented thinkers that mark our century. Now, on March 31 2021, in its mission to create a more sustainable and inclusive world, the house of Dior will strengthen a relationship with UNESCO with the launch of the Women@Dior 2021 program at the UNESCO amphitheater.

Education, transmission, sustainability and inclusion are just one of the many values that forefront Dior and UNESCO's priorities. A program that launched in 2017, Women@Dior is a unique mentoring & educational program for women in its pursuit to train, inspire and empower women in leadership, gender equality and career development. An educational program spearheaded by Dior, Women@Dior casts their mentorship worldwide spanning over 25 different countries including France, China, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Iran and Bangladesh.

In opening up a new partnership with UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, Dior will launch their 2021 Women@Dior program titled Women Leadership & Sustainability with an exclusive digital event that will broadcast themes with women, gender equality and the future in sustainability. The event will be host to one thousand five hundred young women from 25 different countries, including journalist and author Leïla Slimani, creative director of Dior womens and fellow woman, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Director-General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay and Chairman just to name a few.

Playing on highlighting the importance of education, sharing knowledge among women and standing together in its vision for a more united world, the Women@Dior program further supports young creative women in developing relevant skills and the confidence in encouraging their own autonomy. The program runs year long and is open to over five hundred international students who are mentored and taught by leading professors from the worlds most renown institutions.

This exclusive event will take place on the Women@Dior website at 1pm CET on 31 March, 2021 as well as viewable on the respected youtube channels.


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