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Georgia Fowler, Cameron Stephens and Mileshka Cortes on their handbag essentials and styling the new RL 888

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The Ralph Lauren touch needs no introduction. It's an energy so deeply ingrained in heritage, but with a vision towards modernity. It speaks to a spirit of independence, encourages an unapologetic licence to self expression, and has the ability to honour one's past as it continues to journey forward. Through its creations and in the brand's sentiments, it reminds us of all that we can be, which is why it should come as no surprise that Ralph Lauren's latest addition to its ever-growing handbag offering – the RL 888 – is a continuation of this honouring.

A sophisticated silhouette designed with the purpose of enhancing your personal style, the new collection takes its name from Ralph Lauren's New York City flagship, 888 Madison Avenue – an immersive space where the juxtaposing worlds of the brand meet to convene and inspire. With the energy of this legacy imbued within the RL 888, models Georgia Fowler, Cameron Stephens and Mileshka Cortes have made the bag their own, embracing the silhouette's dynamic design in a way that celebrates their individual identities.

"I love expressing myself through texture, and colour, however rather than going bright with colour, I will pick a slightly interesting neutral that still pairs back with looks I own. For instance, I love khakis, mustards, butters, which of course work with black, white and denim," shares Fowler.

For Stephens, the sentiment is shared, telling RUSSH that she always feels put together when styling "minimalistic pieces that you can chop and change with every look. I love nothing more than a luxurious, timeless handbag that pairs perfectly with my go-to pieces, like silks and long, flowy garments."

It's no surprise that the RL 888 evokes this feeling of understated luxury. The bag's silhouette features defined angles and dramatic curvature; heavily inspired by the iconic architecture and essence of New York City. The collection boasts a plethora of different stylistic offerings, from exotic fabrications to luxurious box calf leathers.

"I like to be able to express who I am with my accessories by carrying classic designs that are elegant and often in a neutral colour, that are then elevated through a different texture or the particular shine of the leather," shares Cortes. "I definitely gravitate towards rectangular or circular shapes rather than more abstract silhouettes, because for me, less is more."

Complete with the sleek RL logo, offered in palladium, brass or champagne finishes, the RL 888 has created a 'signature' piece for every wearer and blends the worlds of form and function effortlessly.

In the spirit of the RL 888, we asked Fowler, Stephens and Cortes to share their handbag essentials that they always carry, their non-negotiables when it comes to finding their new 'it' bag, and their favourite ways to style the new RL 888 heading into spring.


LEFT: RALPH LAUREN top, jeans, shoes, belt and bag. RIGHT: RALPH LAUREN top, jeans, belt and bag.


"On set, I loved that the new RL 888 was styled with casual polos, denim, and gowns and both looks were completely complimented. That’s what I love the most about Ralph Lauren, it’s never fussy, just effortlessly elegant on any occasion." — Georgia Fowler.

LEFT: RALPH LAUREN jumper, shirt, jeans, belt and bag. RIGHT: RALPH LAUREN top, skirt, hat, belt and bag.


"What I look for in a bag will depend on the occasion, but a big factor for me is versatility. For work, castings, or meetings I always lean towards a practical and functional bag where I can organise all my things easily, but it's great when I can turn this bag into a shoulder or crossbody bag for nights out. As for what's inside, I always carry Aquaphor Lip Repair, earphones, my wallet, a piece of fruit (my secret touch) and of course, some floss." — Mileshka Cortes.

LEFT: Georgia wears RALPH LAUREN top, shorts and bag. Mileshka wears RALPH LAUREN top, jeans, belt and bag. RIGHT: RALPH LAUREN jacket, shirt, jeans, scarf (worn on head) and bag.


LEFT: RALPH LAUREN top and bag. RIGHT: RALPH LAUREN jacket, top and bag.


"You can never go wrong with a tan or black bag, and what I love about the RL 888 is that I can add pops of colour either through my outfit or with accessories like tying my favourite scarves around the straps. It just adds that effortlessly chic look and you can’t go wrong. It's a bag that really helps you look put together without trying and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.  Or at least I am…" — Cameron Stephens.

LEFT: Georgia wears RALPH LAUREN dress and bag. Cameron wears RALPH LAUREN top, shorts and bag. RIGHT: RALPH LAUREN dress, belt and bag.


You can explore the new RL 888 collection online now, or in store.

FEATURE IMAGE CREDITS: LEFT: Mileshka wears RALPH LAUREN dress. Georgia wears RALPH LAUREN top, skirt, belt and bag. Cameron wears RALPH LAUREN cardigan, top and shorts. RIGHT: RALPH LAUREN jacket, shirt, jeans, belt and bag.
PHOTOGRAPHY Charles Dennington @ M.A.P 
FASHION Charlotte Agnew
MODELS Georgia Fowler @ IMG, Cameron Stephens @ KULT Australia, Mileshka @ Priscillas
HAIR Cherry Cheung @ Viviens
MAKEUP Clare Thomson @ Saunders & Co 


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