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Are you ready for Prada denim?

prada organic denim

As the world of fashion progresses down new tracks of innovation and consideration, the most exciting thing to come thus far has been the rise and rise of sustainable practices across myriad of brands, and Prada is among them. The news that Prada has debuted a denim collection has reached us, along with the news that the collection is 100% certified organic and sustainably produced.

The line, which debuted yesterday, May 5, includes denim shorts, dresses, jackets, jeans, and a denim bralette for those who want to go there, all emblazoned with the Italian House's signature triangle logo.

It's a youthful step in direction for the brand, but apt considering the kinds of pieces we are all wanting to wear at present: less going out-out dresses and more everyday pieces that can be dressed up if the moment presents itself. As for sustainability, Prada is championing its practices with the launch of the collection, with water-saving protocols and organically farmed cotton.

"To maintain a high level of sustainability, the denim is dyed using the 'Acquasave' system, a type of dyeing where the water consumption is well below the standard, thus, allowing a saving of 10 liters of water for each linear meter of fabric," Prada said in a statement. The brand also explained that its organic cotton comes from farms with low environmental impacts and is free from pesticides and fertilizers.

Since joining Miuccia Prada as co-Creative Director, Raf Simons has lent himself well to bringing some street-style-like attitude to the brand. The resulting garments of this collection reflect a mix of utilitarian chic and modern minimalism. The denim looks are accompanied by some non-denim additions, too,  like silver-studded garments and white dresses alongside a capsule of branded accessories like crochet bags, trendy terry cloth bucket hats or an elegant pair of loafers.

The collection is available to shop online and in stores now.

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