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Photographer Lilli Boisselet sends postcards from Tasmania

postcards from tasmania

For anyone whose idea of a perfect holiday is defined by packing both Gucci loafers and Moncler hiking boots – and spending a couple of days in-between barefoot – Tasmania is one of few destinations that perfectly hits the spot.  I’ve always held a deep yearning for the wild – never more than the last few stagnant years. Tasmania is such a perfect untamed place to explore. Luxuriously simple and wild.

What was your favourite moment from the trip?

Arlo Parks playing at A More Perfect Union Festival in Hobart.

What sights were on your must-do list?

Bruny Island for its untouched wilderness, oysters and locally made cheeses.

What’s your perfect travel outfit?

Layers. A Friends With Frank wool coat has been perfect and we both called dibs on a cashmere beanie from Before March Boutique in Melbourne. I’ve been loving a check blazer from Sunshine Symbol too.

postcards from tasmania

What was your favourite destination in Tasmania?

Tinderbox was next level. Shucking fresh oysters in our own private hot tub overlooking the ocean feels like life goals.

What was the most unforgettable meal you ate?

Aloft Restaurant in Hobart and Luke’s pasta dishes in the remote Unyoked cabin under the moonlight.

What three things do you always have in your bag when you travel?

Hunter Lab lip balm, moisturising eye drops and my Canon camera.

postcards from tasmania

What part does travel play in your creative process?

Visiting unique places like Mona Museum are such a great way to be freshly inspired - and have been so lacking the last few years. I love that quote, to travel also reminds us how to go home, and I’ve desperately missed that.

What is your favourite travel read?

I just finished Patti Smith’s M Train and I’m re-reading Reinhold Messner’s My Quest for the Yeti, about humans’ need to define the unknown, which is always a timely reminder to just let things be.

What spot is next on your holiday list?

Nepal for a return to the familiar and then Peru for an adventure into the unknown.



postcards from tasmania

In Hobart, we shared our time between The Moss Hotel’s moody walls and immersing ourselves in the history of Tasmania at MACq 01, the city-slicker big brother of Tasmanian institution Saffire Freycinet.

Unyoked is a great place to start out of the city, in the remote north-east with their newly launched cabin Tilda, to go completely off grid.

Aerie Retreat in Tinderbox left us speechless and stop by this beautifully renovated cottage at Cloud River Farm in Petchey’s Bay if luxury and cooking with local produce is your thing. From gardens brimming with home-grown rhubarb to a private sauna with a rainwater dunk tank and a wood-fired hot tub with a view, AirBnb is the best place to find a unique stay.



postcards from tasmania

There are countless cultural events happening in Tasmania at the moment, start with visiting the notorious Mona Museum. Surround yourself with suggestive Brett Whitleys and Picassos and take the time to visit the library deep in the fortress of Mona for unique titles you won’t find anywhere else. Book a midday ticket and return to Hobart at sunset on the Mona ferry for beautiful views of the city.

Tasmania is all about the produce - enjoy the quaint views of the Huon Valley and delicious local wines by taking a traditional Italian cooking class at The Farmhouse Kitchen with lovely Giuliana and her mother. We spent the day cooking and chatting over espressos and wine and some delicious cakes before we enjoyed the fruits of our labour around her dining table. We learnt to make our own pasta the Puglia way - less eggs and more heart.

Take a day trip from the Unyoked cabin to The Floating Sauna at Derby - it takes your breath away in every sense of the word. Settle into the sauna until you build up the sweat (and the nerve) to dive into the 8 degree lake. Stop in for a picturesque, easy hike around the Little Blue Lake on the way back to the cabin.

Travel down to Bruny Island for the day to take in spectacular views around the lighthouse and see the southerly most point of the Australian mainland.

There’s plenty of quality gigs on at the moment - in Hobart, we spent the morning at the produce markets sampling locally made whisky cakes and boxes of fresh field mushrooms from Cygnet Mushroom Farm, then spent a perfect rainy Sunday afternoon inside watching Gang of Youths, Arlo Parks, Gretta Ray and The Lazy Eyes on stage. Discover Tasmania will have all your up to date options on what’s happening.



The latte situation can be dire in remote areas – pack St Ali coffee sachets to tide you over. Cashmere beanies and winter warms from Before March boutique, Friends With Frank woollen coat and She Made Me crochet bikini for the saunas and cold water dips. A good book for lazy afternoons and download your playlists before heading out of the city.



Bruny Island oysters are my favourite oysters from anywhere in the world. Fresh and briny, the icy sea currents add unique flavour and make them a must try. We visited Get Shucked for oysters pulled from the water that morning and stopped off at Bruny Island Cheese Co. for some traditionally made cheeses by artisanal fromagerier Nick Haddow. We loved the 1792, a cows milk soft cheese matured on aromatic Huon Pine boards.

Dine at waterfront Aloft Restaurant for a world-class Chefs Menu with fresh local produce (book well in advance!).

Recover from a late night with strong coffees and orange, turmeric and ginger elixir shots at Berta, stroll to nearby Ecru for a second coffee to warm up.

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