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One night in Provence with Fashion & Brand Features Editor Ella O’Keeffe

Crillon Le-Brave

Up in the hills of Provence, France, between Orange and Sisteron, is a town on top of a hill called Crillon Le-Brave. It has a population of 475, and on the day we arrived – a Sunday – there was not a soul in sight. At the very top of the hill, is Hotel Crillon Le-Brave, where we set up for the night before heading back to Paris. Below, are some highlights from the trip.

Crillon Le-Brave


The climb is steep, but the car ride is a delight. Sitting atop the tiny village of Crillon Le-Brave is Hotel Crillon-Le Brave itself. A labyrinth of 17th and 18th century stone buildings weave together to form the hotel, which is made up of a dozen old houses. The Hotel faces the mountains of Ventoux and the farmland below, meaning every vignette from our stay was backdropped by a sprawling view of the French countryside.

Each inch of the hotel feels as though you re transported into another world or time, while still allowing for a luxurious and intimate stay. There is little you wont find available at the hotel, which is a good thing since the town is so sleepy. From restaurants, to a cave-like spa, to a swimming pool with one of the best views in the world, each moment at Crillon Le-Brave spanned before us like a dream, nothing left to do but take it all in.

Crillon Le-Brave


Visit the Spa des Écuries in collaboration with Tata Harper. Inside a cavernous, dimly lit room filled with buckets of dried lavender, a transcendental experience awaits. After many days of travel, walking, and lifting heavy bags in and out of cars etc. my body was completely out of whack. With the help of Sarah, she ironed out all of my tension in a swift hour which luckily felt like three.

After freshening up, head over to the pool terrace for a martini as you watch the sun go down, or find a corner of the hotel set up for a game of boules. In the daytime, the pool is the perfect place to be for relaxing, or you can explore the countryside if you are keen on a steep walk.


Crillon Le-Brave


The more casual restaurant on site is La Table du Ventoux, and was our choice for the single night of our stay. Every angle from the restaurant looks over the mountains, and every detail inside is considered. It was easily one of our favourite meals during our entire stay in France. Each dish was special in its own way, with modern takes on classic french food. The chef handpicks the fresh, aromatic herbs from the garden above the swimming pool. Daily suggestions enrich the menu by drawing inspiration from local produce which is perfectly paired with delicious wine.

At La Table du Ventoux there is no rush, no lining up for a spot, there is time to be lazy, to take in the moment, and most importantly, to taste the local produce on offer. Once you are sufficiently full, wander down to the hotel bar, a perfectly lit, dome shaped room with plush furnishings and a sprawling fireplace. Finish the evening off with a nightcap and a game of cards by the fire before wandering through the cobblestones back to your room.



Anything holiday-ready. For lazing by the pool, wandering the grounds, and dining at the restaurant, I took this Blue Hibiscus shirt by Christopher Esber. For swimwear, sometimes you just have to go with the tiniest option. This one from Oserée does the job nicely. For footwear, rather impractically, I got around in my Miu Miu Satin Ballerinas, although a Birkenstock Boston would probably be more apt for the terrain.

No holiday is complete without a deck of cards, a novelty that I like to pick up en route as a souvenir, and for holiday reading, it was Isobel Beech's Sunbathing, which was incredible.


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