Your Pisces Full Moon horoscopes have landed and this lunation is bringing messy energy

pisces full moon

The past two Full Moons have been somewhat astrologically dissatisfying. One occurred in emotionally avoidant Capricorn (literally the most challenging place for the Moon) and the other in awkward Aquarius (also not ideal). Both of these lunations shared a common feature: they were ruled by Saturn, prince of frowns. Luckily for us, this upcoming lunar transit in mystical Pisces on September 10th looks more promising: think Stevie Nicks on stage clad in flowing silk scarves with a skein of smoke circling her like a serpent (c. 1977). That’s Pisces Full Moon energy.

We can push this Stevie Nicks analogy even further though. Her band, the glorious Fleetwood Mac, was infamous for its emotionally messy affairs (everyone was dating everyone else in the group and then writing smoldering, passive-aggressive lyrics and music about it all). This kind of messiness is also VERY Pisces, a sign that doesn’t know if it’s coming or going, stopping or starting. In this respect, Pisces is the ultimate water sign — even more so than Cancer or Scorpio. Why? When we think about the Crab and the Big Sting, we notice that they both have means to protect their vulnerabilities and sensitivities (shell, stinger). Pisces has no protection, no fixity (Scorpio), and no Cardinality (Cancer). It’s all exposed.

Energetically, it’s also totally opposite to Virgo season’s precision. That’s how Full Moons work. They always happen symbolically and physically 180 degrees away from the current Sun sign. Virgo betokens staying on schedule, clear boundaries, and tidy kitchenettes. But with each Full Moon, the Cosmos throws us a bone, as if to say, “Hey, have some fun with this counterbalancing influence.” Accordingly, this Pisces Full Moon augurs a time to get a bit messy and mystical (excessive Jupiter rules the Fishes).

We should note, too, that Full Moons are usually extra emotional times. With this one transiting emo Pisces, though, we could be super sensitive around the 10th. And yet, big feelings might not be a bad thing. Given the current uptight sway of Virgo season and the previous downbeat Saturn-ruled Full Moons, we should all welcome the poetic, empathetic, merging and messy atmospherics of Pisces – a lunation to muss heads, not make beds.

Check out your Pisces Full Moon horoscope below.


You’ve likely been bridling somewhat during buttoned-down Virgo season but a Full Moon in your Selfhood sector suggests a time for indulging in some excess – binge watch some true crime with stracciatella.


Your nature isn’t introverted, but the mystical Pisces Full Moon in the Secrets sector of your chart is a very inward transit. Stay in and pull Tarot cards for otherworldly guidance (remember to always draw with the left hand).


With the Pisces Full Moon highlighting your Friendship zone, it’s a perfect lunation to overshare with a confidante after work at a favourite watering hole. Make sure to get the bill. Pisces energy likes to overspend, too.


The Pisces Full Moon lights up your Career zone. Use its inclusive energy to bring co-workers together so as to finish a lingering group project. Full Moons are for completing things.


With the mystical Pisces Full Moon in your Spirituality zone, focus on going inward. Expect a greater need for privacy. Indeed, your spirit animal this lunation: a “Do Not Disturb” sign on a hotel door.


The Pisces Full Moon transits your Intimacy zone. While Virgo season stands for selfless acts of service, this watery Moon is more about boundary-dissolving mutual pleasures, where “self” and “other” lose their ancient moorings and meaning.


With the Pisces Full Moon lighting up your Relationship zone, use this brief lunation to attend to the emotional needs of a helpmate. Pisces Full Moons can be somewhat emotionally complicated, so don’t try to fix things with hyper-logic. Go with the Pisces flow instead–give and take.


No gym day. The loose Pisces Full Moon transits your Routine zone. While Virgo season is one to get tasks done in preparation for Summer, this lunation is asking you to take a little trip to the beach and be more low-key (like seashells).


Water sign (you) with a watery Full Moon (Pisces) in the Fun zone of your chart augurs the potential for excess and hijinks. Indeed, this can be a tipsy transit, so try to show some Virgo restraint?


A Pisces Full Moon flits through your Home zone. A Moon in this sector of the chart is always about security–needing to feel safe. A Pisces Full Moon amplifies this. Get your favourite blanket out, wrap it around your person, and call Mom, Dad, Sis, Brother, or friend and talk about matters of the heart.


The poetic Pisces Full Moon lights a fire in your Communication sector. You get maligned for being gruff with words. Prove everyone wrong and pen something sweet to a brother or sister (siblings are also being activated by this Moon).


With the excessive Full Moon lighting up your Money zone, keep in mind that Pisces energy is bad with cash. Full Moons are for celebrating, but let’s be realistic: you don’t need another high end Italian coffee maker that shines like the mask of Tutankhamun.


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