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The new era of bedtime stories: Petra Collins and Alexa Demie are releasing a book of erotic fairytales

Petra Collins Alexa Demie fairytales

Sometimes as an adult, I have moments where I'd love nothing more than to curl up in bed and have someone read me a bedtime story. While Goldilocks and The Three Bears may have served me well 20 years ago, the realm of fairytales deserves a serious, MA 15+ update. As if having access to the inner workings of my chaotic mind; Petra Collins and Alexa Demie have teamed up to create an erotic, contemporary edition of Fairytales. So, sign me up.

The reimagining of classic tales speaks to Collins and Demie's own experiences with fairytales as young children. The otherworldly possibilities presented in these childhood tales provided the creative duo with much-needed forms of escapism from their own lives. Now, they're teaming up to tell the stories they wished they had been exposed to in their formative years.


Petra Collins Alexa Demie fairytales


As outlined in the press release, "Each of the nine tales are set in unique spaces, ranging from suburban homes and parking lots to fantastical sets. Alexa and Petra’s chapters of elves, mermaids, sirens, water sprites, fallen angels, fairies, witches, and banshees blend their own stories with retold fairy tales. The photos combine elements of camp, prosthetics, and shibari in a surreal update to the imagery of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Charles Perrault, and others. "


Petra Collins Alexa Demie fairytales


Most of us would be familiar with Demie in her iconic role as troubled cheerleader, Maddie, in HBO's hit-series Euphoria. Collins, on the other hand, is the Canadian artist, photographer, director and model whose work you are subconsciously seeing all over your Instagram feed at the moment. She even shot our favourite K-Pop band, BLACKPINK, for a shoot last year. As far as creative dream-teams go, you can hardly get much better than Collins and Demie.

Fairytales, by Petra Collins and Alexa Demie, will be published on October 5 later this year; but you can lock-in your pre-order edition from now.

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