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Vivienne Westwood celebrated her 80th birthday in the most punk way – and honestly, did we expect anything less?

Vivienne Westwood 80th birthday

Disclaimer: this article contains big Aries energy. Courtesy of course, by none other than the radical, fearless woman that is Vivienne Westwood. One look, and you know there's unparalleled genius behind those eyes. For the last 80 years, Westwood has blessed us with her creative vision, undeniable wit and penchant to push the boundaries. Now, for her 80th birthday celebrations, Vivienne Westwood proved that she's the gift that keeps on giving; releasing a fashion film that features the designer in all her glory.

Titled, Do Not Buy A Bomb, (which, is a fairly importance message in itself); the short film feature Westwood singing “Without You” from My Fair Lady. A treat we weren't expecting this Friday morning. The designer produced the film in collaboration with the public art project, CIRCA, which is currently taking over London's Piccadilly Circus. One thing that is clear from the film is that Westwood's anti-war and climate justice advocacy is stronger than ever. On CIRCA's website, the art group confirms this sentiment, sharing "Do Not Buy A Bomb issues a warning of societal indifference to the looming environmental catastrophes, imploring passersby to listen, and makes a demand for climate revolution."

In addition to the film, CIRCA has shared exclusive behind-the-scenes moments from the project's production; including handwritten notes from Westwood herself about her thoughts on capitalism and climate change. The caption shared alongside the scanned pages holds its own weight, speaking to the impending climate emergency; an issue the designer has held close to her heart for decades.


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Westwood isn't the first RUSSH idol to collaborate with the art project. Earlier this year, our beloved Patti Smith released a poem to celebrate climate activist Greta Thunberg's 18th birthday. Titled, The Cup, Smith's words were put on display similarly to Westwood's film – centre stage at Piccadilly Circus. Two of our personal heroes creating stellar content; we love to see it.

Celebrate the 80th birthday of Vivienne Westwood by watching a snippet of Do Not Buy A Bomb below or head to the CIRCA Art website for the full video.

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