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10 of our favourite on-screen father figure Pedro Pascal’s movies and TV series

10 of our favourite Pedro Pascal movies and TV series

Our undying love for Chilean actor Pedro Pascal knows no bounds – and he's got a serious canon of television and film work to tuck into. Sure, the actor has really come into his own in the last few years as a bonafide movie star and leading on-screen man, but he's been around Hollywood for a hot minute, starring in a myriad of projects from sci-fi films to queer Western shorts. If you're looking for a springboard into Pascal's filmography, look no further as we dissect 10 of our favourite Pedro Pascal movies and television shows below.


1. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022)

When a creatively unfulfilled Nick Cage faces financial ruin, he must accept a million-dollar offer to attend a superfan's birthday. Pascal plays the billionaire fan, a rare sighting of him in a more comedic and light-hearted role.


2. Strange Way of Life (2023)

What do you get when Saint Laurent, Pedro Almodóvar and Pedro Pascal team up for a queer Western short film based on Brokeback Mountain? You get the ultimate brooding cowboy love story set against a cinematic desert backdrop that you simply can't look away from.


3. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

4. The Equalizer 2 (2018)

There will always be room in our cinematic roster for a Denzel Washington action-hero classic like the Equalizer series. But this one is made even better by the presence of Pascal as a highly-trained operative peer to Washington.


5. Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Pascal as the conniving businessman Maxwell Lord isn't the traditional villain, but does carry all the charm you'd expect. It's another of Pascal's fatherly roles that has helped to spawn his 'daddy' role in the media, so it's well worth sinking your teeth into.


6. The Last of Us (2023)

The video game adaptation from HBO places Pascal at the fore, leading the show alongside his equally enigmatic co-star Bella Ramsay. Pascal cements his 'daddy' title here, but also shows a real depth of character previously unexplored in the timeframe of a 90-minute film. This may just be, arguably, his best role yet.


7. The Mandalorian (2019-present)

The Star Wars spin-off has been enjoying several successful seasons as of late, helmed and likely on the back of Pascal as its leading man. If you wanted to see him jetting about space, alongside some of your favourite Star Wars characters, then this is the perfect jumping-off point for you.


8. Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Pascal may have not lasted too long in this fantasy epic, but his season on the show was a widely beloved one. His role as revenge-seeking brother Oberyn Martell was a fan-favourite, and honestly, is a season of the show we'd happily revisit – but perhaps skipping his untimely ending.


9. Prospect (2018)

Yes, it's another film where Pascal plays a girl-dad and we are very much here for it.  This sci-fi film follows a teenage girl and her father as they travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to strike it rich – but not before they're left fighting for their lives.


10. Gladiator 2 (2024)

Okay so this one isn't out yet. But we couldn't possibly be more excited to see Pascal star alongside Paul Mescal in this sequel to the Mel Gibson classic Gladiator. Pascal also reunites with Denzel Washington for this film.


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