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If you want to see Paul Mescal shirtless I suggest watching the trailer for ‘Carmen’

carmen film trailer

I don't know exactly how to explain this. I do not enjoy violence. I hate watching the football and sometimes my blender is more aggressive than I'd prefer it to be. But there is something about seeing Paul Mescal throw his fists around in the new trailer for Carmen that lights up my nether regions. Maybe it's the fact that our first encounter with the actor was his sensitive appearance as Connell Waldron in Normal People or knowing you'd have to have some depth to date Phoebe Bridgers, but these things compounded with the sheer physicality of Paul Mescal is enough to send me home sick.

Anyway, I digress. Safe to say the full length trailer for Benjamin Millepied's Carmen is worth a watch. If not for the beefcake we all know and love, then for the sake of seeing one of the world's most celebrated operas get the Hollywood treatment. More importantly, does this mean Mescal will sing?

32-year-old Mexican actress Melissa Barrera, of Vida fame, stars alongside Mescal as the titular character. Meanwhile, a handful of Australian actors are given screen time, namely Elsa Pataky and Nicole da Silva, which makes sense given much of Carmen was filmed over seven weeks in Australia back in January 2021.

Although we have a trailer, at this stage there's no official release date for Carmen, at least as far as Australia is concerned. The film is set to land in US theatres on April 21, so let's hope that this remains the case for us also.

In the meantime, you can send yourself into a dither by watching the trailer for Carmen, below. Trust that we will be savouring all those shirtless roughhousing moments for as long as we can physically get away with it.

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