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Will we be blessed with a movie retelling the Paris Hilton Vs Lindsay Lohan feud?

paris hilton vs lindsay lohan

At this point, the end of the dumpster fire that is 2020 has us clawing at any hope of positivity for the year ahead, clinging to the possibility that there is something other than darkness in our near future. Today, that glimmer of hope looks like the prospect of a movie script which will detail the infamous 2006 feud/love triangle between Paris Hilton Vs Lindsay Lohan over who got to be Britney Spears' BFF.

For those who aren't familiar with the naughties drama, it was reported that it all started when Lohan wasn't invited on a night out with Spears and Hilton, and things got rather catty from then on. We'll spare you the she-said she-said details in the hope that they might be recreated for what could be set to be cinematic mastery if we are lucky enough to see the film get produced.

The script has been penned by screenwriter Ariel Sayegh and is titled Frenemy. The script has managed to earn seven mentions on 2020’s Black List - which is an annual round-up of the most popular scripts in Hollywood that are yet to be produced and has helped launch some legendary projects over the years.

The blurb attached to the film’s script entry reads “a chronicle of the infamous Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton feud of 2004-2006 over who would be Britney Spears’ best friend”, a teaser that really makes us want to haul ass to Hollywood in search of an investor to get this baby off the ground.

There is, of course, no confirmed cast, but if the stars themselves won't be leading the film (we know for sure poor Britney won't be partaking, although I wouldn't rule out Paris) it leaves us with a lot of room to dream an ideal trio to play the iconic 2000's celebrities. Who do you want to see?



image: @paris2000s