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That’s hot! A24 is creating a TV series about Paris Hilton

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Pop culture's Y2K obsession runs deep. From the resurgence of the flip phone to the shift towards low-rise everything, just when you think the noughties nostalgia is sure to die off, it flares up again. Part of revisiting the early 2000s means looking at the era through a revisionist lens: Britney Spears did deserve better, as did Pamela Anderson, and skinny eyebrows are actually a huge vibe. So the idea that A24 would make a TV show based on the life of Paris Hilton is not at all surprising – in fact, I'm astonished it's taken this long to begin with.

What is the A24 series about?

At the beginning of 2023 Paris Hilton dropped her much-anticipated memoir, which was far more candid that anyone expected. The book discussed Hilton's rise to fame, touching on filming The Simple Life with bestie Nicole Richie, crafting her bimbo persona, her iconic 21st birthday celebrations, and the traumatic experience of having her sextape leaked. However, majority of the memoir also follows Hilton as a teenager, where she talks getting kicked out of many prestigious schools, and the complex and often abusive experiences she and fellow students had at Provo Canyon School, specifically.

While few concrete details about the A24 series are available, we know that it will be an adaptation of this memoir. So, maybe this is your sign to pick up a copy of the book?

Who is involved?

Given it's the studio that gave us Euphoria and The Idol (which, for all its many, many faults, was beautiful to look at) there's no other entity we'd trust to render the pink, bedazzled feeling of the early noughties more than A24. The studio has snapped up the rights to Hilton's memoir in a six figure sum deal, and as of yet, there are no writers, actors or directors attached.

However, there are a few people onboard in a production capacity. Thankfully, one of those figures is the hotel heiress, herself, who is executive producing under her 11:11 Media Company. Also involved are both Dakota and Elle Fanning, who will produce under their Lewellen Pictures production company. My dream is that the sisters will also star as Nicky and Paris, respectively.

Save for those breadcrumbs, we don't have any further details. But, one thing to consider is all the potential celebrity cameos up for grabs. This is the era of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and Nicole Richie after all. So much room for joy.

Is there a release date?

No. Sorry, girlie. You'll just have to content yourself with reruns of The Simple Life for now.


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