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The low rise jeans we’re shopping this season

Low rise jeans have officially re-entered the chat. We knew this was coming for a while, with waistlines slowly inching down and fashion's newfound obsession with Y2K revival, which – much to many peoples dismay – also means the return of hip-skimming denim.

If there are any markers of an era in fashion, it's denim. The 70s saw mid-rise kick flares, the 80s – super skinny ribcage jeans, the 90s leaned into relaxed, high waisted light washes of good quality denim, and the 00s was devoted to the lowest rise possible. Just ask a young Keira Knightley. Lest we forget what came after... the skin tight mid-low-rise jean that the 'jegging' was born out of. Whatever happens, we'll say a prayer that jeggings are not a part of the next revival, though at this point we are unable to hold our breath.

If, like me, you are not actually all that mad about low rise jeans and the way they have re-entered the trend cycle (which will naturally be a bit different/more modern than the last time they were on the scene), you've likely been browsing the internet for a pair. I have done the work for you, and rounded up our favourites at RUSSH. From classic oversized denim from The Row and the Balenciaga jeans that send us into orbit, to low-rise classics from the OG's: Diesel and Blumarine. There are favourites from our very own Australian designers, too, with options via Christopher Esber, Dion Lee, and Neuw Denim.

If you're ready to dip your toe into the world of low rise jeans, these are our favourites, below.

The Row Eglitta Jeans in Cotton

low rise jeans

Balenciaga Pull-up Trousers

low rise jeans

Blumarine Boyfriend Jeans with Print

low rise jeans

Grlfrnd Blue Lauren Jeans

Jean Paul Gaultier Blue Jean Effect Trousers

Diesel D-ebbey Bootcut Jeans

low rise jeans

Redone 70s Low Rise Straight Leg Jeans

low rise jeans

Dion Lee Signature Bootcut Jean

Neuw Mia Straight Jean

Christopher Esber Deconstruct Denim

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