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Penélope Cruz’s latest film, ‘Parallel Mothers’, is an honest and evocative tale of motherhood and friendship

Parallel Mothers

Truthfully, there will never be a single moment in time where we don't consider Penélope Cruz as our ultimate, undying queen. Although she has chosen to step away from the Hollywood spotlight in recent years – and rightly so, might we add, this girl has put in work throughout her career – it hasn't stopped us from keeping a watchful eye over her latest and upcoming projects. The latest of which is a film titled, Parallel Mothers.

The new film is a celebration of Cruz's ongoing work with director Pedro Almodóvar; a relationship that first begun with the 1997 film, Live Flesh and has since spanned eight more films, including Parallel Mothers. As the title suggests, the film focusses on two single mothers at different stages in their lives, as their paths collide in the final moments of their pregnancies. What follows is an extremely honest and evocative exploration of their two journeys and how they navigate the circumstances in front of them.

If you're already curious about a release date, there is unfortunately no news as yet on when we'll be able to catch the film Down Under. Cruz's new project is expected to hit cinemas in America on Christmas Eve after opening the Venice Film Festival in September and closing out the New York Film Festival in October.

Until then, here's everything we know about the upcoming film so far.

What is Parallel Mothers about?

As we already know, the film follows two, seperate single mothers; Cruz, portrays Janis and actor Milena Smit, Ana. Although being in similar circumstances and with both pregnancies unexpected; the women feel wildly different about what's to come.

Ana, still an adolescent, is understandably frightened and scared, while Janis on the other hand, who is a whole generation older, is thrilled. Though we can't tell much from the trailer alone, it seems as though somehow, Ana becomes Janis' housekeeper and babysitter; “a secret, hiding the truth of the bond that connects these two, is a powerful story that tackles a deep trauma in Spanish history.”

Who stars in the film?

Aside from Cruz and Smit, Rossy de Palma, another Almodóvar muse, also stars in the film. Actor Israel Elejalde also makes an appearance as the father of Cruz's baby, Arturo. Though initially, he is not convinced that the baby could be his.

Is there a trailer for Parallel Mothers?

The official trailer for the film dropped overnight. You can watch it below.


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