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The ‘Official Competition’ trailer is Penélope Cruz like we’ve never seen here before

Official Competition

It's no secret that Penélope Cruz is the GOAT. There's truly nothing this woman cannot do. Jamón Jamón, Blow – hell, even Zoolander 2. Her 20-year-long film and television career has certainly seen the actor embody a multitude of roles; her luscious brown hair, unforgettable eyes and undeniable talent keeping us hooked every step of the way. But for Cruz's latest role, we're about to see the star in a way we never have before, in the first official trailer for the film, Official Competition.

Look, if someone had told me a week ago that Cruz could still look hot as an uncontrollably curly redhead, I may have had my doubts. And yet, her overbearing locks, heavy black eyeliner and thick-rimmed glasses is serving us the ultimate middle-aged batty artist look of our dreams.

Ok, we should probably stop talking about Cruz and actually tell you what the film is about.

Official Competition follows filmmaker Lola Cuevas – the ultimate mad genius archetype who is on a constant quest for perfection. Cuevas has been hired by a billionaire to create his film 'legacy', which is hardly an easy task. A role of such magnitude of course requires the best; which in this case, is Antonia Banderas' character, Félix Rivero; Official Competition's heartthrob. Alongside Cuevas' trusted companion and theatre thespian, Iván Torres (portrayed by Oscar Martínez), the trio work often inharmoniously to bring the crazed filmmaker's visions to life.

Cruz's character does at one point, suggest that one of the setpieces should involve a large colossal rock hanging by a wire. So, I think you probably get the idea by now that this film is just as much about humour, as it is a not-so-subtle subversion of Cruz's previous image as a 'sex ornament' by many directors in the industry.

We are yet to receive a release date for Official Competition; but the film is has been confirmed to premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for Official Competition below.


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