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What… the heck just happened between Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain on the Venice Film Festival red carpet

If you have spent even 10 minutes on the internet in the last 24 hours; you would have surely come across the collective, worldwide freak-out that has ensured from the saucy union of Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain at the Venice Film Festival. Now, before we go any further; let us pre-face this story by reminding those who are playing along at home that both Isaac and Chastain are happily married. But that doesn't mean we should ignore the sexual tension that is pulsating through the screen.

The pair, who are frequent collaborators and current co-stars in the new film, Scenes From a Marriage; were on the red carpet ahead of the premiere yesterday when the moment occurred. Posing in front of photographers and media, Chastain's arm was draped casually along Isaac's shoulder and back. While we admit it's not the most conventional of red carpet poses, these two looked mighty fine. Chastain in a strapless, red Atelier Versace gown and Isaac sporting a classic black tuxedo and bow tie by Prada.

Within a few moments of having their photo taken, the Dune star had us all clutching at our metaphorical pearls as he leant in to kiss Chastain's bicep. No, this wasn't just any type of kiss. Not only has it made us reconsider the sex appeal of an exposed bicep, but Isaac brought all the drama; staring at, and stroking Chastain's arm before planting one on it.

Chastain's reaction? Frazzled. I mean, weren't we all?

Given that we can confidently say that Isaac and Chastain's relationship is platonic, what kind of Hollywood friendship could possibly warrant such closeness? As it turns out, the duo have been friends for more than two decades; meeting for the first time as Julliard classmates and remaining friends ever since.

Although we accept the nature of their close friendship; it will still take some time before we fully recover from this event. If you too, want to hold onto this moment a little longer, we've rounded up the best Twitter reactions to Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain below.



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Image: IMDb