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Heritage design meets revolutionary technology in the Oroton x Hemp Black sustainable collection

Oroton Black Hemp

There's no denying the fact that plant-based textiles are at the forefront of the conversation around a more eco-conscious approach to luxury accessories. We've seen sustainability pioneers like Stella McCartney champion Mylo – a mushroom alternative to leather – as well as several other brands shifting towards replacements like cactus leather. Now, one of Australia's leading heritage fashion Houses, Oroton, is taking a stand; launching the Oroton x Hemp Black collection.

The contemporary, eco-conscious collection fuses the House’s heritage pieces — such as the classic Duo Tote, the Muse Belt Bag and a new baby bag tote — with leading technologies in plant-based performance textiles. With the launch of this collaboration, it's clear that Oroton is placing sustainability, authenticity and integrity at the forefront of its brand.

“Our philosophy, from a design point of view, is always to consider how we can create something timeless, a piece that men and women will love and keep forever. Working with Hemp Black allowed us to push boundaries in our own design process and mix Oroton's design aesthetic with Hemp Black’s unique, cutting-edge technology,” shared Oroton creative director, Sophie Holt.


Oroton Black Hemp


“Our relationship with Hemp Black began with the creation of our antimicrobial face masks in 2020, and from there we expanded on the idea using the unique fabrications in our accessories, which is an exciting milestone for Oroton.”

The Oroton x Hemp Black collection certainly does not compromise on the sleek and modern design DNA intrinsic to the brand. The supple hemp fabric is complimented by the signature vegan leather; utilising upcycled green plastic bottles as one of its core components. The materials used are accentuated with Hemp Black/hide – an eco-conscious alternative to leather that has enhanced durability and is produced with 90% less water and energy than conventional synthetic leather.

Mark A. Sunderland, Hemp Black’s Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer stated, “What we are able to do with hemp is so exciting, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I am so proud of what Hemp Black has created with Oroton as one collective group,” he says.


Oroton Black Hemp

“There is such subtlety and elegance to this collaboration. The innovation here is largely invisible, and along the way, we pushed a lot of our technologies forward for this project. Ultimately, we wanted to make a difference, to produce a collection in a considered and thoughtful way.”

The five-piece Oroton x Hemp Black collection is set to launch at the end of May.

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