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2021 is the year of a sexual resurgence. While sexual empowerment and wider conversations around consent, self-care, and pleasure, have been on the tips of our tongues for the past few years, only recently have wider barriers in the conversation been broken down, and pleasure, whether with the self or with another, is on everyones mind.

We've seen it on the SS22 runways, and in Instagram ads for the latest vibrators. Hot girl summer has been a constant theme since COVID-19 had us all staying inside, and with much more time on our hands, many of us have been switching to hands-free (if you catch our drift). During all of this, Normal has been listening, and has emerged through the noise to cut through confusion and act as a trusted platform for all of your sexual health needs.

Normal, the sex-positive toy brand and platform, is focused on self-care, self-exploration and fun. With an aim to erase the idea that sex and talking about such is a shameful act, and provide sex-toys for every kind of body, Normal offers a collection of gender-neutral devices, accessories and a complete sex-ed course conducted by certified sex educator Georgia Grace.

A one-stop-shop for a beginner's guide to sex and sex toys, Normal is eroding the boundaries around what sex should look like and how it should be spoken about, while offering an expansive range of inclusive sex-toys to get things started.

From bullet vibrators to clitoral stimulators, classic rabbits and cock rings, there is an option for all. The best part, is that Normal offers a 100 night stand, just in case you’re not completely compatible in the sack, you can send toys back for a full refund.

Additionally, for old toys that are no longer being used (we all move on from time to time), Normal has a trade-in program that will safely and effectively recycle your retired devices for a sexy dose of sustainability.

Learn more about Normal in our RUSSH Weekend session with Normal founder Lucy Wark and Georgia Grace, who answer your sex-related anonymous questions, below.


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