New Zealand Designer Series – Georgia Alice

A love letter to New Zealand fashion. As the past few months have been a challenging time for all in many ways, this is especially prevalent for business owners along with the fashion and creative industries alike. As Australia and New Zealand begin to ease restrictions, this means many are now able to get back to creating and collaborating. To celebrate this positive step forward, we wanted to shine a light on our friends and neighbours in New Zealand fashion as part of an ongoing series shot by Auckland based photographer and creative Robert Tennent.

Last but certainly not least in our incredible series is Georgia Currie from Georgia Alice. Another RUSSH fan favourite over the years, a Georgia Alice piece is a timeless one. Simple, luxurious ready-to-wear staples from cult worthy blazers, form fitting slip dresses, classic trousers, 90s inspired bodices, mini party dresses and more. Pared back, stripped down designs for a considered edit for every woman’s wardrobe. See our full shoot and interview with Georgia Currie below.



Tell us about your brand…

GEORGIA ALICE is the outlet for my creativity, I started it when I was 22 and now I am 30. It is a brand that encompasses all my experiences and inspirations.


A part of my work I love the most is…

Creating clothing that makes me feel good, collaborating with other talented creatives and making beautiful imagery. A dream job.



What are your most cherished rituals?

I love my beauty ritual, it is a glorious moment in the day that is completely mine… no distractions – just self-love and care.


What are you reading / watching / listening to? 

Reading – The New Zealand Wars, my partner reads a chapter out loud every night. I am also re reading Just Kids by Patti Smith.

Watching: Queen & Slim – an incredible film by Melina Matsoukas… very moving.

Listening to: Miles Davis – Kind of Blue.



How do you stay healthy (mentally and / or physically)? 

Deep breathing, music, cuddles, walks, cups of tea, stretching, talking and being present with my Lew and our baby Earl.


My current state of mind is…




My current project is…

Figuring what I want the future to be….


My hopes and dreams for the future are…

To continue creating – to give back. Get married – on an island.



What do you appreciate the most right now?

My friends, they have gathered around me and helped me a lot recently.


I miss...





As part of the series, you can also view our shoot and interview with Paris Georgia here.

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