Does Harry Styles have TikTok?

Harry Styles

Rumour has it that our boy Harry Styles has an underground, incognito Tik Tok account where he posts covers of his own songs as an undercover user, Which is simply bizarre.

Recently, there has been speculation that Tik Tok user @terrytome is Harry Styles in disguise, due to a couple of factors that are honestly, a bit of a far cry. Still, hope remains.

@terrytome uploaded his first clip on the app in June, and following since, has almost exclusively produced 'covers' of Styles most popular tunes. We say 'covers' loosely here, because really the clips are just a gloved hand playing garage band tunes delivered by an otamatone, a Japanese electronic music synthesizer that looks like a music note and sounds a bit like a kazoo. This is one of the main reasons we remain extremely skeptical - is the internet really just clinging to footage of a musical note miming Styles' hits and deciding that he's undercover on TikTok? What reason would he have to be this heavily disguised? Lizzo is out here living her most authentic life on TikTok and Harry feels the need to dress like every masked villain in an action movie building a bomb? I feel we might be reaching.

@terrytome🎼Cover of Kiwi by Harry Styles! ##harrystyles ##kiwi ##cover ##terrytome ##fyp @hshq♬ original sound - terrytome

However, there is evidence to suggest the contrary. Fans first started speculating when they picked up on the glove thing. Questions about the gloves followed, to which @terrytome responded that he had "very recognisable hands", which yes, is a fair point if you are in fact Harry Styles who has hand tattoos, but still doesn't explain why someone would be that worried about being recognised in the first place. Second to this, is the instance where @terrytome posted a clip of the otamatone singing along to an instrumental of his song 'Medicine' which allegedly has only been sung on stage, meaning there isn't a studio version available, leading fans to believe that it was in fact Styles, for only he could have access.

@terrytome🎼Shhhh ##harrystyles ##medicine ##terrytome ##red ##special ##fyp @hshq♬ original sound - terrytome

The jury is well and truly out on this one, since the above evidence literally points nowhere. Our guess is that there is an imposter alluding to the fact that he's Styles in disguise in an attempt to wrangle some extra followers out of the deal and honestly, is it not working? Here we are speculating after all. After four months of self-imposed lockdown in Australia, it really has come to this.

@terrytome🎼Somthing a little special I’m currently working on. ##harrystyles ##medicine ##releasemedicine ##terrytome ##otamatone ##fyp ##otamatone ##special @hshq♬ original sound - terrytome

Image Credit: @Harrystyles